GUYS. This week was my birthday AND I’m on a podcast! Talk about a great way to start the year. Especially because it’s a podcast with one of my very favorite people in the entire world, Tiffany Han.

I was SO honored and butterflies-in-my-stomach excited when Tiffany asked me to be on Raise Your Hand, Say Yes. I’ve listened to every episode and get so much inspiration from each woman’s story. Seriously, guys, don’t listen before bed. The inspiration will keep you awake. I’m speaking from experience.

I hope I contributed some inspiration to the pot! Or at least some food for thought on leaving a “real” job to start a business and what a wild, amazing adventure that can be.

Take a listen here.

Thank you, Tiffany!! You are my business soulmate; the Flo Rida to my dance party.

And P.S. I’m SO THRILLED to be a part of the the Raise your Hand, Say Yes book club! We’re starting with The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Get your copy and give it a read, k? The episode will air on March 4th. Woot!


29 FOR 29

happy birthday
Guys it’s birthday time! I still get really excited about my birthday for some reason. I hope I’ll always feel that way actually :)

This morning I started thinking about what I want for this year. Big and small. Everything that came across my mind, I wrote down. Here’s my list. Hold me accountable, k? It’s your job.

01 Go back to Europe. No, but actually go this year.

02 Cut my hair short – like above the shoulders short – eep! Cue me scrolling endlessly through Kristen Ess’s instagram feed for inspiration.

03 Do 50 real pushups, not the girl kind!

04 Buy a house. Not just any house, but my childhood home. For my dad.

05 Post a dance video to instagram – with some choreographed moves a la Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.

06 Start a hobby. I turned my last hobby into my business – yay! but whoops.

07 Put all of my loose prints in frames, HANG THEM, and feel more like a grown-up as a result.

08 Buy an electric car and increase my BOSS status.

09 Work less and make more… or at least drink more. Relax. Have a beer.

10 Get more expensive jeans that make me feel like I’m in a Madewell catalog. What do you think of these?

11 Make more music mixes that I can listen to during the day to feel PUMPED. I’m comin’ for ya Flo Rida.

12 Learn how to put on eyeshadow more than one way. I’ve been doing it the same way for 15 years.

13 Plant bee-friendly flowers. I have a strange urge to help the bees.

14 Start a garden – with whatever is the easiest to grow / doesn’t require a green thumb.

15 Say YES only when it’s a YES and no when it’s a maybe, well I could, let me think about it…

16 Go see Kate.

17 Go see Tiffany.

18 Go see Janna.

19 Re-do my office. Set it up the way I see it in my mind. With double-doors, white walls, and a photobooth backdrop up at all times.

20 Take at least one Friday off each month to visit with family.

21 Create at least one project each month that blows my mind. I know I have it in me.

22 Get 100 likes on instagram (I know, but I want it!).

23 Successfully put Meowmers on a diet. The flab is cute, but it’s gotta go.

24 Get ban.do to regram one of my photos. Some of my wishes make me laugh… but the heart wants what it wants.

25 Find and drink good quality tequila (and do so like a lady aka NOT dance on any tables… or do! Who cares.)

26 Declare artsocial a corporation (but ya know, the non-evil kind) and pay quarterly taxes because bidness is boomin’.

27 Go on vacation to a tropical place for the holidays like they planned in Four Christmases (but actually go).

28 Continue to work on letting go of worrying and fully accepting the fact that we’re all in league with greatness. So we should own it.

29 Feel fully present in my work and walk away or take a break when I can tell I’m running on empty just to reply to one. more. email. Just stop when I need to stop.

This list is doable right?? Well maybe not the 50 pushups… I kid, I kid. I’m doin’ it!



new social media template

New goodies are in the shop, yo! *happy shop dance*

First up is a new social media template. A couple weeks ago I debuted a little secret weapon for us: templates sized specifically for instagram, pinterest, and facebook. This week’s template is even more secret weapon-like, as it also comes with a twitter template. That’s right. Let’s share some twitter pics, too!

Like the first one, it also comes with pre-designed captions using two of my very favorite fonts – I’m especially loving that script font right now! I want to put it on everything.

Also in the shop this week is a new freeee template for February. This one is for all the round-up fans out there. Having a grid that’s pre-designed for round-up posts has saved me a TON of time. It’s definitely a must in my blogging toolkit. I hope it helps you, too!




Guys. I’m starting a new collaboration + offering soon and my excitement is off the charts. I can’t spill the beans quite yet, but I just had to give you a sneak peek of the moodboard I made for it!

Normally I do moodboards for client projects like logo design and web design. But moodboards can help organize any project or collaboration. It’s so helpful to get the look and feel of a project laid out during the building + planning phase. Because really, it informs every phase that follows…

My method for moodboarding? I’ll start collecting inspiration on a secret pinterest board and then try to distill it down to just a handful of pins, like you see above. With so much inspiration out there, it can be a surprisingly painful process. But every time I do it, I try to remind myself: the refining process is where the magic happens. And doing said refining with, say, a beer or a margarita? Totally allowed.

I kid, I kid. But I’m not kidding about the awesomeness that is launching this month. And P.S. it involves this superwoman :)

I can’t wait to share everything soon! Very soon.



the risk is in standing still

I love this quote from Marianne oh so much.

No matter what’s happening in your life, just keep going. Make a move. Any move.

Even if you’re nervous. Even if you have doubt the size of your future yacht.

It’s always better to keep going than stand still, not try, and wonder what if.

What’s something you’ve been thinking about for far toooo long? Let’s make a move!

Psst in my experience, putting it in web ink helps make it come true…


Graphic by artsocial.



Hey friends! I recently realized just how much time I spend customizing my graphics for allthesocialmediachannels. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was one size fits all?? Like this rad flair

Well until then, I’ve decided to create some secret weapons for us – mwahahaa – aka templates sized specifically for instagram, pinterest, and facebook. They all have their size requirements and if you’ve tried ignoring them and posting a photo anyways (and I know we all have), you know it ain’t pretty.

No more wonky posting, I say. And no more boring captions, for the love of… This week’s blog post and social media template is all about ease AND gorgeousness (because that’s my mission in life).

Take a peek, guys! It’s an INSTANT DOWNLOAD – wahoo!! You’ll get a layered photoshop template with editable sample text and graphic elements. Oh and not just one, but 3 versions sized specifically for instagram, pinterest and facebook.

You’ll also get a PDF guide with links to the fonts you see in the design – which are two of my very favorites! – and simple instructions for changing text and color in Photoshop.

Oh yeah, it’s feeling more professional in this heezy already.

To the shop!