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We’re heading into month numero dos of Tiffany Han’s 100 Rejection Letters (what the heck is that, you say? Catch up on my first post here!). I can’t believe how many light bulb / a-ha / oh duh moments I’ve had since starting only a month ago.

It’s crazy what can happen if you’re willing to just sit in the discomfort of the tough questions. What do you really want? What do you love about your job? What do you want to change? Who is your ideal client?

At first these questions feel excruciating. Like omg you’d rather do anything else than answer them. ANYTHING ELSE. Oh Dancing with the Stars is on and Alfonso Ribeiro is doing the Carlton?! These can wait… NO! They can’t. Enough dodging the important questions. My business means more to me than that.

If you hang out with these Qs long enough, the answers will slowly start to reveal themselves… here’s what I’ve learned so far:

01 I’ve learned that I absolutely love designing for other people. I love helping them feel confident in the way their business looks.

I love working closely with an entrepreneur, helping her with her day-to-day graphic design projects – and contributing to building a brand that’s recognizably HER.

02 I’ve learned that everything happening in your business is telling you exactly who your audience is and which services would help them the most. Who’s contacting you, who’s following you on social media, what are your favorite projects? Pay attention. The answers are there.

My audience? Coaches and bloggers. And saying that makes me the happiest because I love coaches and bloggers!!! Hello, my people! Needless to say I’ll be revising my services and bit, which leads me to…

03 I’ve learned it’s okay to change. As Tiffany says, no one is paying that close attention to your business. It’s okay to change what you don’t like and what’s not working. No one will care, no one will be mad. (And if they get mad, they’re super weird. Block them immediately.)

I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from 100 Rejection Letters this month (and from Tiffany’s uh-mazing podcast. If you’re not listening, clear your calendar and binge listen. Now.)

I need to give myself permission to grow and change. However and whenever I want.

No more thinking, planning and researching. Just do it already.




Image by artsocial.

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the artsocial gift guide

Guys, this gift guide is becoming dangerous. There’s just too much cute! The items above are some of my favorites so far… and we’ve got another month to go!

Whether it’s used for serious holiday shopping or just to beef up your pinterest wishlist, this gift guide is so much fun to put together. BIG thank you to everyone who’s pinning, commenting, and following along. It means the whole world to me. I wish I could buy each of you incredibly meaningful gifts (Leslie Knope-style) but since I can’t, I’ll just keep gift guiding :)

Hooray for shopping early! We’re kicking so much ass right now.

Join the gift guide par-tay here or on pinterest!

book | necklace | earrings | backpack | book | scarf | shirt | terrarium

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those colors!

L-O-V-E the colors from this photo by Sugar & Cloth. Those pinks! I mean, come on. I’m in palette heaven.

One of my favorite places to find palette inspiration is pinterest. I’ll find an image with the right colors + vibe, then pick out juuust the right shades for whatever project I’m working on at the time. Another great resource for palettes is Colour Lovers.  Ohmygah, it’s amazing. Make sure you have a few hours to spare before diving into that site…

I’m working on a new passion project right now – that I can’t wait to share soon! – and I think this palette needs to join the party.

P.S. should we make these rose cocktails with floral sprinkles? I think so, too. I’ll come by after work. After all, Mondays need a happy hour…

Image via Sugar & Cloth.


artsocial ultimate gift guide

I had so much fun sharing my favorite things for the holidays last year, I’m doin’ it again! And this year, I’m going all in. I’m starting early – because if you’re anything like me, waiting until December to shop gives you major anxiety AND you’d rather order everything online to stay as far away from a mall as possible.

So it’s on. STARTING TODAY! Gifts for your besties, your sisters and your misters. I’ll be adding to it until December 18th so there will be plenty of goodies to pick from. Whoop whoop!

Check out the full guide here or following along via pinterest!

Image by artsocial. Gift guide collected and curated via rewardStyle. All opinions and recs are my own. Happy holiday shopping, friends!



Morrison Please moodboard

One of my favorite parts of the design process – and one of the most important! – is the initial research stage. I’ll have my clients pin images and graphics on pinterest that feel right and align with their brand and the project we’re working on. This step gets us on the same page aesthetically so darn fast. Thank you, sweet pinterest.

Above are just a few of the pins from my recent branding + squarespace design project, Morrison Please. I loved her picks: lots of open spaces, beautiful shades of green, and gorgeous food photos that stole the show.

It’s so cool to see a project go from moodboard to final branding, don’t cha think?



For me, 2014 has been about DOING THE WORK. I hunkered down and focused on designing all the things, learning as much as I could and taking on new projects. While I absolutely l-o-v-e-d it, I don’t want to get stuck in doing the work mode. It’s SO important to stop every once in a while to ask yourself: What is it about my job that I really love? What else is trying to emerge? What do I want my days to look like?

So I’ve done something pretty big… and a little scary. To help me tackle these big questions, I’ve joined a little program called: 100 Rejection Letters. Lemme explain… 100 Rejection Letters is Tiffany Han’s year-long coaching program and online community that helps you gain clarity, achieve focus, and take action towards building a business (and life!) you love. In other words, it’s about pitching your ideas, putting yourself out there, and taking ACTION towards those big dreams you have. Dudes. Sh*t just got real. Over the next year I’m going to push the artsocial train further than ever before. I think I can, I think I can…

I never want to become stagnant or uninspired in my routine. And that’s what I love the most about 100 Rejection Letters. It will MAKE SURE I don’t stand still, repeating the same routine day in and day out. Cuz who wants that? That’s boringtown.

Month numero uno of the program was dedicated to planning, figuring out how I want my biz to grow and who my ideal client is. I’ve already surprised myself a few times with the changes I wanna make… eep! I’ll be sharing my progress and all the behind-the-scenes goodness with you here. Are ya with me? Here we go :)

Image by artsocial.


Tanya Geisler, site design by artsocial

Working with Tanya Geisler is an absolute dream. I say “is” because we still work together on the regular. When she first contacted me in 2013 she was looking for someone to help with the graphics on her site here and there. Over the next several months, that expanded into helping with her newsletter headers, creating graphics for her programs, and then – da-na-na-naaa – doing a full website redesign. Oh how sweet a good collaboration is…

For her new website, we wanted something clean, organized, and easy to navigate, with fun images and her gorgeous color palette incorporated throughout. We kept the logo simple – with a type treatment logo – as her content is the clear star of the show.

I’m beyond thrilled I got to work on Tanya’s site. It’s truly rewarding to help a client design a space for their business that feels right and reflects their style – while also being easy to navigate and, ya know, irresistibly beautiful :)

Check out the full site here!

Thinking about a brand new look for the brand new year? Leave a comment below or contact me here! 2015 is gonna be BIG. I can feel it.


Kellyn Walker By Kellyn Walker. Etsy Holiday Campaign 2012By Melissa Deckert.
Irene Victoria Design Co. By Irene Victoria Design Co.
OyVia Oy! Blog. food posters by Christina Razueva By Christina Razueva.

I love searching Pinterest for sparks of inspiration. You know, that moment that stops you mid-scroll and makes you take a closer look. Or better yet – makes you say: Man, I wish I’d thought of that!!

These graphics made me say that. I just love the way they’ve integrated natural elements. Which one is your favorite?

Are you on pinterest? Let’s pin together! Find me here!