flower party favors

Planning for the Madewell event last week was hella fun. From the beginning I was dead-set on having party favors for everyone. I went through a few different ideas before settling on mini succulent favors, which were frickin’ adorbs + perfect for the Madewell aesthetic (photos coming soon)!

But these flower favors were in the running for a while, too… and equally adorable, I’d say. I thought I’d share my test run fleurs with you…

I’d love to get one of these beauties at a party, wouldn’t you?

flower party favors


+ flowers (from bunches of wild flowers to big statement flowers, anything goes!)
+ kraft paper (I used the thicker 8.5 x 11 sheets)
+ baker’s twine or string
+ gift tags (optional)
+ ziplock bags
+ paper towels
+ scissors
+ tape (clear or washi)

flower party favors


01 Roll a sheet of kraft paper into a cone shape. Make sure the shape fits the flowers you’ve chosen (I opted for a tall, narrow shape for my flowers). Secure with clear or washi tape. Repeat for each favor.

02 Wrap kraft paper cone with twine. Add gift tag to one end of the twine. Tie ends together to make a bow. Repeat for each favor. P.S. for my gift tags, I simply cut small rectangles of the kraft paper, punched a hole at the top, and stamped “xoxo” on each (which you can also write with pen, white pastel, or paint).

03 Prep flowers by cutting them down to the proper size. Wet a sheet of paper towel, wrap it around the end of the flower, and place it into a ziplock bag. Repeat with each flower. This will keep the flowers hydrated until your guests get them home.

04 Place the flower into the kraft paper cone and you’re good to go, homegirl. Your flower favors are ready for the party.

Images by artsocial.

9 thoughts on “DIY FLOWER FAVORS

  1. Rachel

    Ahhhh so pretty! I love the idea of flowers for favours, I know I’d love to take one home after a party! Although a succulent is even better as it lasts much longer :) looking forward to seeing the pics! xxx

    1. Erin

      Thank you, Rachel!! YES that’s what I thought, too – succulents totally win. I can’t wait to share some photos! xo

    1. Erin

      Thanks, Laurel!! Haha yeah it’s not as pretty on the inside, but the paper towel + ziplock definitely does the trick!

  2. Victoria Adams

    I make these a lot to give. I use a neutral polka dot wrapping paper & craft paper overlapping, you see both papers. Also, I tie with a big amount of raffia into a knot or bow. It looks FAB. It is a very special gift!


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