7 Questions

I came across Miss Gentri Lee on my gurrl Punky's blog last week. Like I always do, I added it to my Google Reader. During my 137th Google Reader break at work yesterday I saw that Gentri was doing a link up called 7 Questions and I thought whaaaaa? I wanna join! So I am. Did this post need an explanation? Probably not. Did you get one? Yep. I also thought this was a good blog opportunity (bloggortunity) to showcase some of the photos from the last artsocial photo shoot. Woot!

1. What do you do when you're sick? (Do you act like a baby? Tough it out? Have any weird cravings? Cry?) I suppose I tough it out. Like really tough it out. I take the mind over matter approach. I refuse to let myself think I'm sick (whilst taking mass amounts of vitamin c and zinc). I don't like to admit to myself or to others that I'm feeling bad because then it's real and seems to get worse... I spent an entire anniversary weekend in the mountains drinking emergen-c while my boyfriend drank scotch. No biggie, just sippin' some emergen-c in the hot tub. But ya know, I think it works... that cold lasted exactly 2 days.

2. What do you do to find motivation when you feel you've lost it? Hmm lately the thing that helps the most is listening to some really good bad music. These mixes on 8tracks - I heard you were a wild one and Drunk & Broceanside - are my go-to jams. Wow based on their titles, I'm a little embarrassed to share that. Ha!

3. Do you wish time away or do you savor every moment? Oh I try to savor... I'm a big daydreamer though. I like to think about all the things that I could (or will) be doing in the future.

4. If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be, and why? I asked my boyfriend what mythological creature I'd be and this was his answer: "Well pixie comes to mind due to your size but I think you have the spirit of a griffin. So, a grixie." Well alright.

5. What is your current biggest weakness and are you working on fixing it? Oh man... I'd have to say my perfectionism. I often get in my own way because of it. I'm trying really really hard to let things go, take things less seriously, and take the pressure off. This thing (aka life) is supposed to be FUN right??

6. How do you greet someone when meeting them for the first time? Um... "Hi, nice to meet you." What is everyone else doing? Is there something I don't know??

7. How do you grocery shop? (Do you write up a list? Go in with no idea what you're looking for? Have meal plans? Bring your own shopping bags?) OMG guys. I have an unusual hatred for grocery shopping. Ask anyone I've lived with. I basically wait until I absolutely have to go - like my options are either A. eat a can of peas for dinner or B. go to the store. And I've eaten the peas before. No joke. So when I am forced to go to the store, I have a list so I can get in and get out in 20 minutes.

That was fun! Thanks Gentri for the awesome link up!! (This was my first time joining this suh-weet link up, so if I did it wrong let me know... can you do a link up wrong? I think I was supposed to start with a funny picture, whoops. Gah perfectionism, I'm telling you.)

Photos by the fab Kate Donaldson.