Boy do I have an art history throwback for ya today... and a really art-tastic Halloween costume idea. So you've heard of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, right? Sure, the brooding abstract expressionists who dripped and splattered paint onto raw canvas and became hella famous for it. Yep, those guys. Well how about Lee Krasner or Elaine de Kooning? Their equally talented and awesome wives? While they weren't part of the "boys club," they were just as integral to this 1950s art movement.

Abstract expressionism - or "ab ex" as it's known on the streets aka the museum hallways - was all about gesture, "allover" composition, and the unconscious act of creating.  The act of painting WAS the subject matter. Pretty revolutionary for its time... and really fun to recreate, I highly recommend creating your own Pollock in your garage like I did this weekend... that's apparently how I roll on a Saturday night.

The abstract expressionists - or "action painters" as they were also called - were a tough group. Chain-smokers and whiskey drinkers, they rarely posed for a picture without some booze or a cigarette in hand (oh and no smiling allowed, they were a serious bunch). The ab ex ladies were the same way. They poured, dripped, splattered, chain-smoked, and drank just like the men. Bad ass mofos all around.

This Halloween, I'm channeling my inner smoking-drinking-paint splattering artiste... join me?

1. jean shirt | 2. headscarf | 3. pants | 4. paint (add directly to clothes) | 5. nail polish (just for funsies) | 6. shoes


ab ex photos: one | two | three other photos taken by k.midd productions for artsocial | edited by artsocial