That's right. We're startin' this week off the awesome way... with a pinterest contest. This is Artsy Forager and artsocial's 3rd installment of the Art Association contest and it's getting serious, everyone. By serious I mean the prizes are getting so rad I wish I could enter my own contest... more about that in a sec. J E N N I F E R  C H E N O W E T H :  S P H E R E  O F  I N F L U E N C E

This month our Art Association subject/star/muse is Sphere of Influence by Jennifer Chenoweth. Instead of going the cathedral architecture route, I was drawn to the work's rich colors and tactile, painterly drips... which made me think of melty ice cream. Obvi. That's where my mind goes... sigh. Et tu?

T H E  P I N S

So. Up for grabs this time? Any small size, unframed print of your choice from Artmuse, including shipping! Whaaaaa? My thoughts exactly. You can take your pick of anything on Artmuse... like this work... ohh or this.

- Follow artsocial and Artsy Forager on Pinterest (if you already follow us, awesome bro).

- Create a Pinterest board titled Art Association.

- Pin Sphere of Influence by Jennifer Chenoweth along with anything and everything that you think of when looking at Jennifer’s work. Just like word association, Art Association involves pinning anything that comes to mind when looking at a given work of art. There are no right or wrong answers.

- Leave the link to your pinboard in the comments section of this post (scroll allllll the way down to the bottom).

Done and done. The pinner with the best art associations (as judged by me and Artsy Forager) will be chosen next Monday, November 19th at 5pm (mountain standard time). Pin on, pinna.


Check out more from Jennifer Chenoweth on Artmuse. Pinned image sources found here.

Big shout out & thank you to Artmuse! Collect Art You Love.