You guys ready for another Art Association contest?? I imagined that you all just yelled back hell yes! Even if you didn't yell, I hope you're ready to pin some more associations with me and Artsy Forager!! Here's how it works: Art Association (think word association) involves creating a Pinterest board around one work of art and all of the things you think of while looking at it. Anything and everything that comes to mind will be pinned. This month we're looking at Kate Farrall's mailing abq 10-2 lines...

K A T E  F A R R A L L :  M A I L I N G  A B Q  1 0 - 2  L I N E S

The prints from Kate’s Mailings to Myself series are made by sending unexposed photo paper through the mail, allowing it to expose during its trip, and then developing it when it arrives. How's that for an uh-mazing artistic process, huh?

Kate explains:

Chance plays a huge role as do the unknown postal participants. It is where photograms meet the postal system—where one process meets another. It is recording and revealing the tiny, mysterious worlds of the everyday and the ordinary. It is an appreciation for experimentation and finding new possibilities within the quotidian.

I love dropping a bulky, tape-laden package into the mail box —its temporary darkroom.

Umm radballs. That's my professional assessment. This print made me think of light streaks, motion, oranges + blues, and the Albuquerque landscape - could be the fact that I was just in Albuquerque... and the "abq" in the title.

T H E  P I N S


Create a pinboard based on Kate Farrall's mailing abq 10-2 lines for a chance to win an 8x10 print from Kate's Mailings to Myself series!! Yup, your rad arty prize is pictured above...

- Follow artsocial and Artsy Forager on Pinterest (if you already follow us, you’re in bro).

- Create a Pinterest board titled Art Association.

- Pin Kate Farrall's mailing abq 10-2 lines along with anything and everything that you think of when looking at Kate’s work.

- Leave the link to your pinboard in the comments section of this post (scroll allllll the way down to the bottom)

Done and done. The pinner with the best art associations (as judged by me and Artsy Forager) will be chosen on Wednesday, October 24th at 5pm (mountain standard time). Can't wait to see your pins, friends!


See more rad artwork by Kate Farrall... and she's on Pinterest too!

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