Hi there, friendies. Have you heard of Chicago Ideas Week? A couple weeks ago, "CIW transformed Chicago into the global hub for new ideas, an ecosystem of innovation and a playground of intellectual recreation." Okay A) how awesome does that sound? and B) Denver really needs to get themselves an ideas week. The IN-credible and diverse list of speakers alone is reason enough to go. Dudes. Deepak Chopra? Matt Nathanson? Brad Goreski? Jason Salavon? That's it, I'm going next year. Who's with me? And I'm definitely spending the day listening to some (all) of these videos.

Artists, musicians, CEOs, professors, fashion stylists, authors - everyone comes together for a week of inspiration, conversation, and, well, IDEAS. It's about making BIG things happen and taking action to make the world a better, more positive place.

Where my artists at, yo? That's what art is all about, right? Designers, photographers, painters, weavers, movers and shakers - we all create in hopes of connecting, inspiring change, and making the future brighter or at the very least more beautiful and interesting. P.S. - I really wish I could've heard this talk at CIW about how art moves us...

I think art's ability to move us is what I love most about it. Just looking at art can spark inspiration, strong emotion, the urge to make a change - or a purchase for your living room. Either way. I think it's so important to surround ourselves with the things that inspire us... Live with the art you love, cuz how often do you make it to a museum or a gallery or a week-long conference dedicated entirely to inspiration? Live with the things that encourage you to reach higher.

A Denver art collector once told me to buy my furniture at the thrift store and invest in art. I think she's onto something... Speaking of, Chicago artist Xavier Nuez is one artist I may need to invest in asap.

Nuez goes into bleak urban settings and finds inspiration, peace, and refuge in these unlikely places.

Definitely an art crush... See more from Xavier Nuez on Cureeo.


Images: Alleys & Ruins no. 135, Hard Rock (Cleveland, OH, 10pm)| Alleys & Ruins no. 100, Ghost Story (Kansas City, MO, 1:30am) | Alleys & Ruins no. 97, NOW (Los Angeles, CA, 1:30am) | Alleys & Ruins no. 141, Cotton Belt (St Louis, MO, 10:30pm)

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