Chicago-based artist Cole Pierce experiments with comprehension and how we create meaning. Oh this is definitely my jam. I love an artist who makes me think.

Pierce says he's "interested in creating a visceral experience that momentarily disrupts your spatial intelligence." Well disrupt away, my friend... and that's exactly what his Op Art series does. Op Art is short for Optical Art, i.e. optical illusions. Remember those optical illusions you used to look at as a kid? Yup. Op Art is kinda like that, only grown-up, high quality, and much more awesome.

Op Art creates the illusion of movement. Somehow from a series of triangles, our minds create depth, motion, and a whole slew of associations. Pretty rad, huh?

Pierce's text based work is also meant to challenge us. The same way we comprehend movement from a series of shapes, our minds interpret meaning from numbers and letters - which are essentially just shapes too, right? Did I just blow your mind? This, my friends, is what us art folks refer to as semiotics...

Cole Pierce incorporates semiotics into his work like a boss. Semiotics is basically the science and study of signs and symbols. Language is the most universal system of signs. So, if an artwork incorporates text, then it can be subjected to the very sexy investigation known as semiotic analysis... ohhhh yeah. P.S. if you're ever on a date with someone who loves art and you can work semiotics into the convo? MAJOR POINTS.

By the way, I think his painting 4EVA may have been custom made for me... I mean, it wasn't, but it does incorporate three of my favorite things: art, text, and slang. I consult Urban Dictionary on the reg. Not surprised? Well ok.

Crush-worthy, right? Learn more about Cole Pierce over on Cureeo.


Images: Triangle is the Strongest Shape, #5 & #6 dyptich | Triangle is the Strongest Shape, #5 & #6 dyptich (detail) | Triangle is the Strongest Shape, #10 | Zillions | 4EVA

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