I've always lived in the suburbs. Sure, the suburbs have their (questionable) perks - it's quiet, the Ikea is really close, there are neighborhood game nights - but sometimes I long for big city livin. I'd love to walk out my front door and down the street to a corner coffee shop. Driving to the nearest Starbucks just doesn't have the same appeal. Sorry, 'burbs.

I love the way Dennis Johnson captures the essence of the city in his work. By not including any people, he exposes the beautiful geometry of the urban landscape. Johnson's cities are so quiet and calm...

Johnson says, "I have focused almost exclusively on urban space and the textures, layers and materials used in larger metropolitan areas. I define this "urban space" as the spaces in between; immense structures to small details and textures that make up the urban environment and create unique space only found in the city."

Hmm maybe getting one of these awesome paintings would make me feel like I live in a big city... worth a try, eh?

P.S. Cureeo really has the best information on their artists. Apparently Johnson used to live in a geodesic dome... not making this up. Read more here.


Images: California Platform 1 | Coming Down 1 | Coming Down 2 | Cityblocks-blue 1 | Cityblocks-blue 2

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