Chicago-based photographer Jessica Sladek's work? Yep. You guessed it, totally crush-worthy. Her conceptual and narrative-based portraiture explores the connection we have with our environment.... in a super-stylized-rad-storytelling kind of way.

Sladek's Roads series "emerged during the deep, hot summer months, when Jessica ditched the city for the great open roads of America... The landscapes paired with each portrait were created in the area that each subject was discovered."

One can't look at her photos without mentally filling in the blanks... She presents us with a title and a scene - like a still taken from a movie - as our only clues to the narrative. It's up to the viewer to complete the story.

I love learning not only about the artwork, but also about the artists themselves. Cureeo curator Stephanie Coate wrote such an intriguing description of Sladek, I knew immediately I wanted to learn more about Sladek's work... and I kind of wish we could be bffs.

Stephanie says:

  1. Jessica and I met while in a biker gang called "The Queen Bees". We ventured to different neighborhoods in Chicago on our Schwinns, spoke naughty in French and had destinations mostly focused around dive bars
  2. She is just shy of 5ft tall and prefers to roller-skate around her apartment
  3. She rides a leRun - a cross between a skateboard and unicycle

Umm awesome. Can I be a Queen Bee? Je parle français...

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Images: Janine, Roads | Alana, Roads | Herman, Roads

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