jump for joy by kelly nicolaisen I've mentioned Kelly's work once before on the ol' blog. It's time for an official declaration of her awesomeness... a.k.a. an Art Crush post.

reach for it by kelly nicolaisen stand tall by kelly nicolaisen

I'm obsessed with Kelly's playful style. I totally want to be one of the characters in her photos... or, ya know, start taking crazy awesome selfies.

doggy treat by kelly nicolaisen

go girl by kelly nicolaisen

The vibrant colors, the striking compositions, the unusual humor. I have a crush on this art, no doubt. Her photos are FUN and they make me want to have fun... art doesn't get much better than that, huh?

let's boogie by kelly nicolaisen

Check out more work by Kelly Nicolaisen on her website and Saatchi Online.

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