Art Crush: Mark Giarrusso

Great artists can take mundane moments, everyday objects, and overlooked details and turn them into something beautiful. Bringing our attention to the little things is one of my favorite aspects of art. Mark Giarrusso does this like a champ... and then displays his artwork conveniently on Society6 for us. Suh-weet. I love when artists can capture seemingly uninteresting moments and turn them into something srsly crush-worthy. Those sparkly shoes, the graphic graffiti-ed doorway, the obsolete but ubiquitous payphone - my little postmodern art history self can't get enough. And that first image? Ohmygah love.

When shown together they start to create a story, don't cha think?

Waiting for Prince Charming (Five Minutes to Midnight) | 5th Avenue Noir | City Doorway | Pay Phone | Chrysler Building Fog Noir