MilleeTibbs I think it goes: "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn."

7-year-old Erin definitely agreed with that... and would have freaked the eff out over these photos by Millee Tibbs I found on Galleray. I mean, how many of you wanted a pony when you were little? Show of hands... and how many wanted a unicorn? Yep. I'm right there with ya.

Millee-Tibbs Millee-Tibbs Millee-Tibbs Millee-Tibbs

Tibbs says:

The series Virgin Land, Wyoming explores the desire to make the imaginary into the real. I constructed prosthetic unicorn horns that I fitted onto horses at a tourist destination ranch resort in Wyoming.

Well if that doesn't get you to Wyoming, I don't know what will. Which unicorn is your favorite? Mine is definitely Poco...


01. Poco 02. Ranger 03. Poco in the Corral 04. Blue Eyes in the Pasture 05. Rusty (note: all work titles begin with Virgin Land, Wyoming)

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