Art Math

Above: Youtube © Gemma Correll via Print Society *sadly, sold out. Smarties, Red © Christine D'Onofrio via Circuit GalleryOld Camera © Todd McLellan via 20x200; Car Free ©  Tatsuro Kiuchi via 20x200; To Hell With Luck © Matt Taylor via Society 6.

Remember when your house was decorated with oodles of that inexpensive art hand crafted by tiny people at tiny tables? This is not that art. Sure, there was a time when inexpensive art involved macaroni and the machinations of a kindly elementary school teacher. There was also a time before... the Internet. I am not making this up!

The Internet is to art what unicorns are to hipsters - a brilliant symbiotic relationship born of opportunity and a bit of magical thinking. But there are no ivory towers here - just a whole lot of awesome. Yes, we need to find a new word for awesome.