As I enter week 2 of collaboration month, I've started thinking about different collab opportunities outside of the traditional avenues (i.e. working directly with other bloggers and brands)... I'm thinking of it as conceptual collaboration (ha!) as I'm not working with the brand directly, but I am participating in a project. For me, the heart of collaboration is a willingness to branch out and try new things... so let's branch.

In an attempt to think outside the collaboration box, I thought it could be fun to participate in Kate Spade's Art of the Dot campaign. Here's the gist: spot a dot, take a photo, and upload it for the whole world to see on Kate Spade's facebook page or on instagram, using #artofthedot. I'm already pretty obsessed with the 'gram, so an excuse to take more photos?? Don't have to ask me twice.

Follow all the action live on the 'gram: @Erin_artsocial. Wanna join me?

Images: balloon print | buttons