Automatic for the People

Community. It's a t.v. show and so much more! Today is one of those days (probably because it's Tuesday) that I'm feeling the frisbee like nature of the word and getting that Inigo Montoya sort of feeling... I don't think it means what you think it means. Particularly when you pair it with engagement. In fact, while we're talking pomp and circumstance, page 6 has it that community is buying a timeshare with the likes of deictic and creative identity. It sounds nice, right? Laid back, cuddly and casual. Like the puppy that chewed a hole in my throw rug.

As you may have noticed, I've been thinking about what old fashioned new media means these days. N.b. I'm going to be one of those parents who says "when I was your age, we had no internet. I played with sticks and mud puddles." What has the internet done to mud puddles? Nope, it hasn't destroyed them. Those April puddles are absolutely still full of mud and I'd wager enjoyed by the zillion people who have the good sense to enjoy mud puddles. But internet mud puddles are more puddle than mud. They are missing a key pleasure consistency. Connecting online is not about putting forth your best, most intelligent, well polished and erudite self. In fact, this is what keeps people from leveling up in the internet world - insert Super Mario sound effect here - the mysterious pressure to present oneself as a Stepford thought maker on whatever topic you are passionate enough about to engage in with strangers.

This is also what keeps "most people" out of museums. You don't have to be writing a dissertation on art to express yourself with validity. And by that same token, if you are writing your dissertation on art, you don't have to use the *grad school cow voice. All. The. Time. No really, they won't kick you out of school for saying "Well, that's interesting. Reminds me of pudding." Just this once.

*The Grad School Cow is a creature commonly found in the marshy lowlands of post secondary classrooms and can be identified by the lowing rumble that accompanies all carefully chewed statements ex. mmmmmmmmmooooooo, but of course, have you considered the unpublished works