Francesca-DiMattio Guys. You know how I promised to listen to myself more? Well there's something I keep thinking about... it keeps popping up while I'm perusing Pinterest, driving around D-town, and when I'm trying to fall asleep. I keep thinking about creativity. More specifically, how to be more creative... like, creative genius creative. Where do great ideas come from? And is it possible to train yourself to have more of them... on purpose?

I started thinking about creativity a few months ago because I wanted to take this blog to the next level of awesome. The key to awesometown, I found, was content. Good content. Original content. Content that makes my blogger heart proud.

Since then I've had some great ideas for collaborations, insights and hunches as to who to hire to redesign my site, and an aha moment for a new art style series (coming soon, woot!). All of these ideas have given me butterflies, that's how I know they're goodies. But where did these ideas come from? Seemingly out of thin air. I'd be driving along thinking about Meowmers or something, when suddenly a super exciting idea would magically appear. I love when that happens, don't you? But how do I spark more of those moments?

You know how people start New Year's workout plans? Well I'm starting a creativity workout plan. I want to really explore my creative potential and develop those muscles... and ya know, if I happen to help people and change the world as a result, that'd be rad.

I want more moments of insight, more in-the-zone flashes of genius, more magical omg-why-didn't-I-think-of-that-before bolts of lightning... I want to learn how to tap into my inner creative genius. All of those game-changing ideas can't just be reserved for the Pablo Picassos, Steve Jobs, and Arthur Frys of the world... we all have the ability to tap into that part of ourselves.

This year I'll be exploring different methods for invoking inspiration and creativity... and you know I'll be sharing everything. Next week, I'll be sharing the list I'll follow to spark my imagination + creativity... eep! Some of 'em are kinda weird... and some are BIG.



How do you spark your creativity? And where the heck do you think those creative ideas come from?


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