Erin-Case Ahhh I'm so excited to (a) share my creativity workout plan with you guys (b) have some incredibly awesome ideas in 2013 and (c) hopefully inspire you along the way. I've decided to break things down Gretchen Rubin-style, 12 methods, one each month, and lots and lots of details, tips, and photos (yep, sometimes that will be necessary) of my experience. This year, I'm trying anything and everything to boost my creativity, short of doing mind altering drugs. While Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception was an interesting read, I just can't go that route. Too scary.

Here's what my year looks like:

January: meditation / the increasing awareness method February: cross-pollination / the more diverse experiences method March: create / the just do it method April: booze / the stop inhibiting the imagination method May: play / the act like a child method June: nature / the observe creativity in progress method (this might involve me going on a vision quest - eep!) July: borrow / the learn from other geniuses method August: live abroad / the see the world method September: compete / the push yourself method October: city life / the move to a metropolis method November: be extreme / the immerse yourself in the absurd method December: be willing / the take risks method

Needless to say, journaling is going to become a new daily activity...


When I first got the idea for this project, I knew exactly where I wanted to start: meditation. Only by increasing my awareness can I really recognize those great ideas that pop into my brain, yes? Yes. The best ideas aren't always big a-ha! moments, sometimes they're subtle whispers... and I want to be ready to hear them. I want to be fully aware of those moments when my ears perk up and I get butterflies... sure-fire signs of a rad idea that must be carried out.

I've been interested in meditation for a long time. I used to sit on my bed when I was 7 and repeat the word "ocean" over and over again in my head, pretending to feel very calm and zen... what a weirdo, eh? My mom was a hippie, I think that's where I got it. Anyhoo, I've only become more interested in meditation as I've gotten older. But I never did it. I didn't think I knew how, I didn't have time, blah blah, the excuses are endless when we don't really want to do something, huh?

When I finally decided to try meditation srsly last November, I couldn't turn my mind off... at all. My thoughts would race and I'd get frustrated because I felt I wasn't doing it right. I couldn't stop thinking about not thinking... and then I'd start thinking about how I actually really love thinking. Do I want to turn that off? Sigh.

After consistently meditating for a couple months now, I realize that YES, I do want to turn off my thoughts sometimes. Especially for this creativity project. While most of the time my mind still races, I have moments of clarity and calmness... and according to one of my favorite people ever, Deepak Chopra, that's when we can tap into our creativity. The gap between thoughts is where we can find our unlimited potential. Well alright, if he says so.

So in the name of creativity, I'm meditating every day this month. We'll see what happens...

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Which method do you think will be most effective?


Speaking of being a creative genius - this artwork by Erin Case is pretty brilliant. Haircut 1 (with Andrew Tamlyn) | Haircut 10 (with Andrew Tamlyn)