just-be-cool Okay, it happened. I hit my first block. After a few weeks of pure excitement about this Be Creative project and embracing SO many new mantras, meditations, and baby steps in the right direction - I relapsed and reverted back to my old thought patterns.

For the past few days, I wasn't able to clear my head during meditation and I could barely remember my dreams - did I mention I've been keeping a dream journal? My dreams are always redonk, but I've read keeping a dream journal helps increase our awareness and ability to connect the dots that can lead to - boom - awesome ideas. So we'll see if my dreams about tree houses and mushroom ravioli lead to any major breakthroughs... you never know.

What happened that I suddenly hit a creativity wall? I got stressed. Almost the instant I let myself start worrying about a particular major conference happening this week, my mind began spinning. BIG (obvious) lesson in creativity: being frazzled never leads to greater creativity.

Immediately recognizing that I'd gone off path - the frantic feeling of omg, what do I have to do next? was a clue - I knew I had to find a way out of this nervous, frenzied state of mind. No good comes of that.

Guys. I've discovered the best way to eliminate stress ever. I'm not even joking... and it has nothing to do with booze. The most effective way to eliminate fears/anxiety/worry - basically any negative feeling - is to let go of judgement. Good or bad. In a recent meditation (p.s. I'm using Deepak Chopra's guided meditations, download them here! So worth it.), I was presented with the challenge to go through my day not judging anything.

Doesn't seem so hard, right? UM it was crazy hard! I basically repeated to myself "Today, I will judge nothing that occurs," approximately 30,000 times. It was a very conscious decision I had to make over and over again... but it was surprisingly effective.

It may seem silly, but practicing non-judgement was the most liberating exercise I've tried so far for the Be Creative project. Once I started non-judging, I felt so much more peaceful. I was no longer obsessing over the wording of an email or the design of a blog post. These things weren't good OR bad, they were just an email and a blog post. I wasn't getting caught up in the worrying or the excitement of anything. As a result, my mind was much freer to make decisions and receive new creative ideas.

When things get stressful, it's so easy to slide back to my old way of thinking (ahem worrying). This week, there will surely be many opportunities to get stressed or overwhelmed. So I plan on repeating to myself "Today, I will judge nothing that occurs," another 30,000 times. This week, I'm determined to carry peace with me wherever I go... and TONS of business cards.

See you soon, friends! This girl is Alt-bound. xo!


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