get-quiet Meditation month is almost over, but my meditation practice has only just begun.

I've fallen in love with those 15 minutes of solitude in the morning... so much so that I'm kind of turning into one of those people. You know, who talks to you about meditation and how great it is. Numerous times at alt I found myself talking to people about daily meditation and the creative process. But I didn't even bring it up, I swear! It somehow kept coming up or someone would ask me about it.

I've read that once you're ready and willing to make a change and go for what you really want, the right teachers and opportunities will present themselves to you... since starting meditation month & the Be Creative project, I've definitely been presented with new people and circumstances that are helping me reach greater awareness and creativity. Gasp - and maybe I was the teacher for those people who asked me about meditation! No? That would make me so happy... I'm going with it.

I'd say I'm definitely more aware of my thoughts because of meditation... but am I more creative? Did I have any cramazing ideas? Well I've had A LOT of ideas this month, that's for sure. Some big, some small. For me, though, meditation didn't spark creativity directly. I rarely came out of meditation with great, new ideas. BUT my mind was calmer throughout the day because of meditation, and I was definitely more receptive to good ideas because of it. During my stressful pre-alt summit week, I had at most 3-5 new ideas vs. 8-12 during a calm week. I think that's why some people say meditation is so important for the creative process. Meditation helps quiet our incessant inner dialogue and allows new ideas to come through... even if it's not during the meditation sesh itself. So if we can get quiet, we can get creative. I believe that.

Sure without meditation, we still have good ideas... but do we have the clarity of mind to recognize their importance? In my experience, the creative process and getting inspired is a very subtle kind of magic. By clearing your mind, you will be fully present to receive those ideas that excite you. Alexandra Franzen just posted about "Vacation Mind," which holds a similar philosophy - a relaxed mind is a productive mind.

So are you gonna try it? Sure we all want to be creative, but are you willing to work at it? For some, getting a random idea every now and then is enough. For me? Nope, I want to create GREAT things... What are you willing to do to hone and perfect your creativity? If you're game to try meditation, I recommend Deepak Chopra's guided meditation found here... it's like training wheels for meditation - only 15 minutes with some mantras and Deepak wisdom. Gold, pure gold I tell ya.

If meditation isn't your thang, I'll be trying something totally different to spark my creativity next month - in fact, a whole buncha different things. February is all about diverse experiences... I have some pretty wild things planned. I really like routine, guys, February is gonna be tough.

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