why-I-started-artsocial I was recently asked, Why did you start your own business? Is it worth all the time and effort?

Short answer: Because I had to. I couldn't NOT do this. And HELL YES it's worth it, no question.

Long answer: Starting my own business almost wasn't even a choice. Something inside me had to do it. I knew I needed to give myself the freedom to try doing my own thing. The freedom to create and collab with other like-minded people. The freedom to quit my day job and get "the fear" (Friends, anyone?), so I could figure out what the heck I wanted. The freedom to make mistakes, work through my blocks, unlearn, relearn, and just go for it.

I'll admit it, it would've been soo much easier to stick with the day job. But I would've been miserable. When I decided to start doing graphic design, I felt like I was finally listening to my gut. And that feels really great.

Sure, it's not all great. Running a business is exciting and terrifying at the same time. You can never say for sure how everything will pan out. How well your program will sell, how many people will sign up for your e-course, if anyone will read your posts...

But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because you have to do this. It's your calling. It’s part of you and even when it’s hard, it’s the best thing in the world.

Do you run your own business? Why did you start your biz? Isn't it SO worth it??

xoxo, erin


Photo by Sugar Photography.

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