I was thrilled to join Tiffany on her podcast Raise Your Hand Say Yes to talk about the book The Girl on the Train.

I'm not a huge novel-reader but this one was recommended to me multiple times, so I thought what the hey, I'll put it on my summer reading list (which consists of this one book. Hey, it's a busy summer). Guys, it's SO GOOD.

Major warning: we talk about all the spoilers! So if you haven't read it, walk away now...

Take a listen here!

Did you read it? Wasn't it crazy good? Want to have a party / dish-fest with me and Tiffany?? Join us next week on Wednesday, July 8 at 5pm PST/8pm EST for all the gossip - and maybe some gin & tonics in a can ;) We’ll be gathering on spreecast, RSVP here to get all the deets!

ALSO our next book club pick is Essentialism by Greg McKeown. We’ll be discussing this book on the August 25 episode! S'gonna be good.

Thank you, Tiffany!! You're the best in the land!