essanel I hear the key to happiness is to LOVE what you do. If you can find the good in each activity, you'll be a zen master. So simple, right? Mm-yeah... remembering these wise words throughout the day can be tricky. I need reminders. Like, constantly.

I have quotes scribbled in my notebooks, inspiration pinned on pinterest, and books with a bajillion dog-eared pages... but how often to I refer to this stuff? Not very often. I need to keep my goals right there in front of me. Typography prints to the rescue. Art would be my hero, huh guys?

Essanel has some of my favorite typography prints. Simple, modern, and infused with awesomery that I want to remember on the reg... to love, to travel, to kick ass! I'm putting this love print front and center on my office wall... and you could too! Essanel is giving one lucky artsosh reader their very own love print in silver.


Win some lurrve...

01. visit Essanel and then leave a comment telling me which print is your favorite. The winner will be randomly chosen February 13th at 5pm MST. Contest open to U.S. residents only, sorry international friends!



Top image by Essanel, bottom images by artsocial.


These little zines are genius... and I like saying "zines." Bad Girls Throughout History:

A 22-page zine that briefly, and in no way comprehensively, illustrates the bad ass women who have ever existed. Includes: Lilith, Marie Antoinette, Nellie Bly, Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart, Anita Garibaldi, Tallulah Bankhead and so many more!

ann shen

That's Not My Name:

A 14-page zine about all the animals who are often mistaken for their more popular visual relatives. Includes little informational paragraphs about each animal, in addition to full color illustrations.

ann shen

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Today's holidazzle spotlights one of my fave bloggy friends, fellow brand ambassador, and creator of awesome objects - Emily Reinhardt. Her blog and Etsy shop, The Object Enthusiast, are definitely worth a look-see, a perusal, and a bookmark... scalloped-bowl

I'm all about craft, quality, and a little bit of sparkle & pizazz, which is exactly why I love Emily's work so much... and apparently I'm not the only one. These bud vases sold out while I was writing this post! Wowza. I'll be checking back in with her shop on the reg. I'm in love with that white and gold bud vase. Which one do you like the most?


From the top: scalloped bowl | gray and gold bud vase | white and gold bud vase

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Until today I thought my favorite Christmas decoration was my childhood ornament: Grover making a snowman. Well move over, Grover, you've got some competition from Design That Aww Yeah ornament needs to become part of my office decor, forget the Christmas tree.

Aww Yeah | Awesome

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roxy-marj These Roxy Marj clutches are some of the cutest I've seen in a while... and this shop's about page made me love them even more:

I am obsessed with producing a product from start to finish that is impeccable in quality, has unique designs/illustrations, and I plan on doing that with my business even if it takes me 20 years to get noticed. Some people label me a perfectionist, but I like to think of myself as a very happy hard worker who doesn't cut corners, and who feels very fortunate to be blessed with a creative mind.

I love her definition of a perfectionist... I'm totally using that one.


Clockwise: Spotted | Harvest Print | Harley Plaid | Eye to Eye

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the-owlies Oh these ornaments are adorbs. I'd love an owl on my Christmas tree... maybe even a whole parliament - which I just learned is the collective noun for a group of owls. Thanks, wikipedia.

See more from The Owlies on Etsy and their rad blog, which is full of these cute little guys...

From the top: Owlie Mobile | Brown Herringbone Owlie | Black and White Striped Owlie

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It's not always easy to find awesome vintage goods at antique stores... srsly hours can be wasted. Thank gawd shops like Generation Restoration are here to gather all the great finds for us, huh? How cute would these items be in an industrial-style office or studio? Dibs on the brass moose...

Oh and you can get 15% off the purchase of 3 or more items with the code vintagelife. Ohh yeah.


1. Pharmacy File Box 2. Industrial Gauge Wall Hanging 3. World Globe 4. Brass Owls 5. Brass Moose 6. Wire Basket

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Such a cool vibe in these photographs by Kristin Kirkley. I could definitely see hanging her photos moodboard-style on my wall...

Kind of digging this hanging method, too. What do you guys think? Maybe not the best conservation practice... but I like to change out the art in my office, this would make it so easy to rotate my "collection." Plus I love creative decorating... peace out, frames.

Kristin has some incredible photos... check out her California series and Marfa series. She also writes a blog full of her gorgeous photographs and travel adventures.

Which photograph is your favorite??


From the top: Dreamy Charleston | One Way | Townie Bicycle | Record Player | Pacific Heights Rooftops | Purple Door | California Bus | El Paso Street

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I love traveling. It doesn't even matter where. Small town, big town, European vacation, or road trip into the mountains - I'm always ready to go. Some of my favorite artwork are prints that remind me of where I've been and where I want to go... which is exactly the kind of art Urban Footprint Design serves up.

I just got back into town, but this shop makes me want to repack my bags and start another adventure. Maybe Spain...

Where's your favorite place to travel? London? Rome? NYC?


From the top: London | Sydney + detail | Boston + detail | Rome

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Cute name and awesomely colorful goodies? Oh yeah. Bonjour Frenchie for the win.

Jessica, the artist behind Bonjour Frenchie, says:

I enjoy taking average items and turning them into something magical and dreamlike. I am inspired by Europe (Paris, of course!) Rococo Art, natural elements, pastels and candy colors.

I particularly love her handmade, painted journals... but check out these painted sticks! So rad.


Seen here: Raindrops journal | Triangle notebook

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