artsocial-studio Since leaving my "real" job last November, I feel like I've been in figuring it all out mode. That can be a stressful mode, y'all. Lots of doubt and questions and what ifs. But there's also something really great about that mode... if you follow your instincts, it will ALWAYS lead you to the right thing. Promise.

Ever since I started working for Tiffany Han as her blog manager - designing graphics for her blog, banners for her new programs, and doing the occasional glitter photo shoot (obvi) - I found myself thinking: Omigosh this is freaking awesome. Could I do this full-time? For a living??

My answer: hells to the yeah! I'm SO excited to announce I'm officially offering graphic design services. If you're a small business owner or blogger looking for a graphic designer to help with your biz - on projects big and small - well here I am! Let's get started. It'll be like having your very own graphic designer on staff... awesome, right?

So take a look-see at my new work with me page and portfolio... then contact me asap, k? Because my services often turn into ongoing / long-term projects, I only have a couple spots open!

Hooray for new adventures, eh?

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happy-new-year Guys. It's almost 2013.

I sure had a lot of "holy shit" moments in 2012. You know the ones, right? Those moments when you're thinking "holy shit, am I really doing this?" Out of all of those moments, I definitely have two favorites. One was going to blogshop in Seattle. If you get the opportunity to go, DO IT. And yes, that's me in the first pic! Gah I couldn't have worn nicer shoes? Ohh me.

The other was a major moment for me. Like, I didn't even believe I was doing it as I was doing it. I'm talking, of course, about quitting my job. Last New Year's Eve I remember feeling terrified, frustrated, lost - I hated my job and I didn't know what to do or how to fix it. I wanted to leave, I wanted a big change, I wanted to find my purpose and start effing living it already, no more waiting! But I was too scared to make a move. I had a feeling I should quit my job and try blogging full time, but what does "a feeling" really mean? If I only had a sign... a clue as to what to do.

It took me another 10 months to learn - that feeling, that inner pull to do something greater, more awesome, more useful, more fulfilling, more everything - THAT'S IT. That is the sign. That feeling is telling you what to do... and you know it. It's just scary. While I haven't necessarily found my ultimate super awesome true purpose yet, I know I'm on the right path.

2012 was about leaving behind what wasn't working and starting what I know was right for me. So I've started... I think 2013 is going to be about really going for what I want, listening to my "feelings" on the regular, owning my decisions, and being an effing boss and not apologizing for it. We deserve everything we want... so let's go for it, k? Me and you.

Here's to even more "holy shit, am I really doing this?" moments in 2013. Woot!



What were some of your favorite moments from 2012? Do you ever have a feeling about something, but are too scared to make a move? I'd love to hear about it, cuz believe me - I feel ya.


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merry-merry It's that time of year, friends: Time to celebrate with family... Time to eat too much... Time to drink fancy cocktails... Time to be sparkly... Time to be quiet, thoughtful, and cozy inside... Time to reflect on the old and look forward to the new... Time to say THANK YOU, especially to you uh-mazing readers. You've made 2012 my favorite year yet... here's to an even better year ahead - clink!

Happy Holidays, xo!


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Guess what? No guess... ok, I'll tell you. I'm guest pinning for Ugallery this week - woot! I'm pretty stoked to curate some of my favorite finds on Ugallery's Be Art Guest board... does this mean I'm one step closer to being a professional pinner? I sure hope so.

Follow along with my adventures over here. I'll be pinning my arty faves through November 26th.

P.S. Ugallery is one suh-weet online art gallery based in the Mission, SF... check 'em out, yo.

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If you've been with artsosh since the beginning you may remember a little something called Holidazzle. Half gift guide, half arty advent calendar? Yep, that's the one. Holidazzle is back this year, friends... and I think it's safe to say it's better than EVER.

The awesomeness starts November 26th... woot!

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The super awesome Emily of The Object Enthusiast asked me to do a guest post about my very favorite object... my initial reaction? First - radballs. Second - my favorite object? Ummmm. That second part lasted about 8 days. It was surprisingly tough for me to pick a favorite...

Read about what I finally picked.

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Is there anything better than getting a letter in the mail? YES. Getting handmade inspiration from one of your best bloggy friends, complete with star-shaped confetti and a handwritten note (folded old school style where you pull the tab and the letter unfolds). Yeah. That's better.

A while back Louise of Laid Off Mom and I decided to mail each other letters full of inspiration and motivation. Nothing expensive, nothing fancy.... and, ya know, it was the BEST thing I got in the mail all week. And that's saying a lot cuz I had ordered two pairs of shoes online.

L's letter totally made my day... maybe even my week. Last week was tough. In this blogging game it's so easy to feel unsure of yourself. I am so incredibly grateful to have stumbled into a community of strong, supportive, and endlessly inspiring bloggers. I heart you all so much. Wow, sorry to get all emo. All that from a letter, powerful huh?  Let's write more letters.

Oh! and guess what Laid Off Mom and I are planning for next Tuesday?? Guess. Nope, I'm not telling you. You'll just have to wait until Tuesday... omigah you're gonna love it.


P.S. - I'm so not used to writing letters, I actually typed out my letter to Louise and then wrote it... is that cheating?

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Now that Halloween is out of the way, we can give our full attention to THE HOLIDAYS! Is that insensitive? Halloween was just yesterday... To make this time of year even more joyous, Minted is hosting their first-ever inspiration board challenge (said in an Oprah voice)... all you gots to do is make an inspiration board with some Minted goodness, share it on your blog, and bam biggity, you're entered to win... wanna play too? Check out the rules here.

The holidays really are magical... creating this board made me oh so excited for sweet treats, glittery trees, and festive shindigs with my friends and family. Sighhh, Minted holiday cards are like tiny personalized artworks... their graphic designers just get it, huh?

Holiday inspiration by Erin, see more

Holiday inspiration board by Erin. See more

Oh this is gonna be a great holiday season... I can tell.