valentine's wishlist I luuurve this print Sweethearts by Jonathan Lewis. It's from Jonathan's series See Candy, where he takes inspiration from the colors and tones of the candy section of the supermarket. I never realized just how many colors can appear on candy packaging! Kind of amazing, right?

Wouldn't those colors make the cutest Valentine's Day outfit?? My research points to YES.

01 Sweethearts by Jonathan Lewis 02 Mini Heart + Bestie Bobbi Set 03 crepe seam flippy dress 04 single button wool coat 05 slingback flats

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bando bando


So must've known my birthday's coming up, cuz they just came out with all kinds of new cuteness!!

Their new collection is all about FUN and I couldn't be more on board. Remember my goals for 2014? Learn more and HAVE MORE FUN. Guys! Coincidence? Needless to say is speakin' my language this year... and every year. I heart them.

I always seem to subconsciously pick one accessory to wear everywhere. Lately it's this. But with my birthday around the corner, maybe it's time for some new flair. By "maybe" I mean "definitely."

These are my faves in case you want to get me a prezzie... I also like ice cream cake.

It Girl Bobbis | Mermaid + Cream Twist Scarf | Girl Bands

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Images by Max Wanger


merry and bright Aww yeah, friends. I'm sure by now you've noticed my love for all things and I'm not even a big accessories girl (I don't even have my ears pierced, shhh). I like to keep it simple, but with a pop of sparkle. Some may say that's contradictory... to which I say: well I'm a complicated lady.

Holiday party season is officially here. I think I'm adopting this simple white dress (with pockets!) + my metallic gold pom pom flower as my holiday party uniform. Well maybe I could switch it up with a few of these gems, what do you think? Which one's your favorite??


And guess what? is giving all of you 20% off the entire site with the code "feelpretty"!! So go get your ban.dos, put on your party dresses, and let's ride. Holiday parties are a-callin.


1. boom boom flower headband 2. sparkle & shine jumbo bobbi 3. good time blast riot 4. party crasher

top photo by artsocial. fine print:'s 20% off coupon is good on the entire site for the month of December and allows each customer 1 use.

25 days. 25 shops. Check out the other holidazzle shops right here!


Sometimes you have one of those weeks... where you want to eat cake for dinner or lay zombified on the couch watching hours of Mad Men. What do you do when you have a bad work week?

Since I don't have any travel therapy planned, I think the only remedy for this funk is a little retail therapy... omg let's virtual shop together! No, no it's not enabling, it's supporting each other. Ok, fine. But what if all spring and summer items are on sale for 30% off, then can we shop together? Cuz that's what's goin' down in town until Sunday (use the code GOINGGONE). What do you think? Glitter bobbis or bows?

OH! and word on the street is there's a giveaway this week. That Drinking the Stars comb (above) could be all yours - unless I get to it first...! Win it before you can buy it. Happy Friday, friendies!


Image one: via cubicle refugee | Image two: photo by max wanger

Yup, you guessed it. I'm a brand ambassador - woot!