those colors! L-O-V-E the colors from this photo by Sugar & Cloth. Those pinks! I mean, come on. I'm in palette heaven.

One of my favorite places to find palette inspiration is pinterest. I'll find an image with the right colors + vibe, then pick out juuust the right shades for whatever project I'm working on at the time. Another great resource for palettes is Colour Lovers.  Ohmygah, it's amazing. Make sure you have a few hours to spare before diving into that site...

I'm working on a new passion project right now - that I can't wait to share soon! - and I think this palette needs to join the party.

P.S. should we make these rose cocktails with floral sprinkles? I think so, too. I'll come by after work. After all, Mondays need a happy hour...

Image via Sugar & Cloth.

What Up, Ombre?

Are we still doing this? I'm seeing it everywhere on Pinterest. I'm sure lovin' this arty trend... it's like everything's been painted with dreamy watercolors. I'm actually not the biggest fan of watercolor paintings, but I can sure dig some watercolor-esque curtains. Yes, I said dig.

I can just see myself sittin' on that ombre love seat, wearing my ombre tights, with my ombre tote... no no, too much. Maybe just the tote bag - which by the way is an awesome DIY from the blog Four Flights of Fancy. Check it out here.


curtains | tights | totes | love seat

Inspired By: Breakfast

I took another AMAZING Alt Summit online class the other day that discussed tips and tricks for website design. One of the (many) things that stuck with me was where one can find inspiration for a color palette. The answer is literally anywhere, which is exciting and daunting at the same time. But what I like most about this idea is that it teaches you to look at things differently, to find those amazing color combinations in ordinary, everyday life. Soo why not start with breakfast?

And if you're not feeling particularly inspired by your food, there's always Colour Lovers, Design Seeds, and Kuler. Oh and a little Alt Summit tip? Limit your website color palette to 3-5 colors... less is more in the land of web design.

breakfast found here.

Get Your Green On

SO. My name is Erin Cassidy which basically means I'm super Irish, right? Well not really. I'm a quarter Irish... and I think that quarter is my name. BUT I've lived through 25 St. Patrick's Days, y'all, so I know a little bit about the day... and the one piece of advice I have? For the love of guinness, everyone, wear something green. It's not like it's a crazy color, everyone looks good in green. So participate you scroogies. At least wear a green accessory. Otherwise pinching will ensue.

shoes | ring | polka dot jeans | green capri | tee