portland-bound Traveling is one of my very favorite things. I'm always planning my next adventure. In fact, I planned this trip way back in July! I am super excited to explore Portland. I've never been there before. I'm told I'll love it... and I bet Portlandia will be even funnier after visiting.

But the main reason I'm going is because one of my very favorite people in the world lives there. I cannot wait to mix some drinks and have many, many dance parties. I think I'm finally going to perfect my dougie...

But I must know! Where should I go while I'm in Portland? Restaurants, shops, drinkeries - I'd love your tips + recommendations!

Wait - would you want to come to Portland with me? You totally should. Oh okay, if you can't there's always instagram :) see ya soon, friends.

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Taking a vacation is like pushing a reset button. I definitely feel re-energized after (and during) a vacation... it's like I need that time and space to gather my thoughts, reflect on whatever is happening that month, and LET GO of worries and stress. I tend to schedule a trip every few months it seems, even if it's just to a little town in the mountains for the weekend. Some like retail therapy, I prefer travel therapy.

This time, the destination was a little place called New Mexico. I highly recommend visiting in the fall, it's pretty magical. Of course my favorite vacay activity was recording random moments with my Super8 app... if anything, just to capture my and Kevin's awesome dance moves.

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Happy Friday, friends. I'm off to New Mexico for the weekend + alllll of next week - double woot!

This little trip is full of woots, really. First, I get to road trip down to New Mexico with my favorite person ever (Kevin, the boyfriend, the roomie, the boomie). Then on Saturday, I'm going to what could be the BEST wedding ever... the couple getting married is def the best anyways. And then. The icing on this already wonderful weekend cake - I'll get to   r e l a x   for a whole week. I'm so incredibly grateful for this break.

I'll miss you, dear readers. But I'll be sending you happy weekend thoughts... and tweets... and instagrams... and I also set up some incredibly rad guest posters for you to enjoy next week, so don't miss that awesome train.

G'bye for now! xo!

Image one | two (Lauren Hutton, 1966)


So remember my camping trip where I got back to nature and really unplugged for a couple days? Welp, looks like my way of unplugging involved taking lots of iphone videos. Hmm I sure felt like I'd unplugged. Maybe next time I won't bring my phone... yes I will.

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This weekend roundup is dedicated to my camping adventure...

1. Fat Tire and Skinnygirl Margarita... clearly a combined effort picking drinks for the weekend. You guessed it, I picked the Skinnygirl. Unofficial/official plug for Skinnygirl cocktails - they're actually pretty perfect for camping. Just open and serve. You don't even really need a glass if that's how you roll... ok, you should probably use a glass. We're trying to have a civilization here.

2. Holgs! My new Holga camera, thanks to Hobstr. This was my first experience with a Holga, I cannot wait to see if the pics turn out. I'm so used to the instant gratification of my iphone/instagram, it was strangely difficult for me to decide what to take a picture of. It seemed so definite, I couldn't just review it and retake if needed. It was a great lesson in slowing down and really discerning what was photo-worthy... more on that after I get my holgas back (unless all my pics are lame, in which case we never had this conversation).

3. These happened.

4. Rope sandals aside, Kevin is the bestest ever... especially when he makes gourmet-style hamburgers while camping. What a badass.

5. Kevin has a whole set of camping utensils. I became a bit obsessed with this mini whisk... I think I like holding mini objects because I'm only 5'3" and it makes me feel like a giant. Completely reasonable, right?

6. There's something so relaxing about staring into the campfire... plus it was the s'more-maker, so I will always think of the campfire fondly.

7. Sexy, huh? I grew up in Colorado and this is my first pair of hiking boots. I guess it's finally time to embrace my Colorado-ness.

8. It wasn't until the second day I finally felt relaxed. It's crazy how long it can take to unwind from the week. I finally felt like I was on vacation when I took this picture. We had just got back from a hike and I was sitting around watching the clouds... perfect moment.

9. I posted this s'more to the 'gram yesterday... I still miss it. S'mores really should be served in restaurants... gasp! or food trucks. Someone please start a s'more food truck.

In conclusion, I had a great time... I think more camping adventures are in my future. How was your weekend, friends? I missed you guys.

Roam if You Want To

I have such wanderlust lately... just mentioning going to London in yesterday's post caused me to watch an entire show on the travel channel about London street food. I now know what Bubble and Squeak is... not sure I want any, but now I know.

Would you like to wander with me? The French sure know how to make everything beautiful, eh? And the answer is yes, yes I would like to wander with you. I'll pack my bags right now.

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NYC The Movie

Wow guys this is my vlogging debut. Exciting right? Be kind...

nyc: the movie from Erin Cassidy on Vimeo.

What the heck did I just see:

- various artwork around Chelsea, including 2 works by Anish Kapoor at two Gladstone galleries

- Ellsworth Kelly at the MOMA

- Felix Gonzalez-Torres at the MOMA. While it looks like a pile of shimmering silver, it's actually hundreds of pieces of individually-wrapped candy. This guy's just too cool...

- Keith Haring at the Brooklyn Museum

- Scenes from the Bushwick Open Studios, also called the Bushwick Basel - fancy right? This great article from The New York Times sums it up (thanks for sending it to me, Laurie!)

- The Defaced Project by Allie Pohl

- Incredible wire mesh sculptures by Park Seung Mo

- Pizza from Roberta's in Brooklyn

- Dessert from Telepan - best dinner ever, but it was so good I forgot to film it... but you do see my chocolatey dessert creation.

- The best bestie in the whole world, miss Janna.

Hope you enjoyed! P.S. don't you worry, weekend roundups will be back next week.

Video by artsocial; music: Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Starfucker, purchased through itunes.

Where Art and Pizza Live

1. Gagosian, you are one powerful network of galleries. Two Gagosian galleries were on the art agenda this weekend. The first was on West 21st Street and was showing the murals and portraits of Richard Avedon - what better way to start the day than with nude photographs of Allen Ginsberg?

The other Gagosian was on Madison Avenue and guess what was showing there? Oh just a humble little artist by the name of Pablo Picasso. The show was called Picasso and Françoise Gilot, you remember her from this post right? Sigh just two people in love - Pablo in his 60s... and Françoise in her early twenties.

2. Best. Macarons. Ever. Next time you're in New York City, go to Ladurée immediately. Like straight from the airport. Don't worry about your luggage, just take it with you.

3. So it turns out my part time, un-benefitted job at a museum actually has a perk! Well it has two perks - discounted light rail pass AND free admission to all of the major museums in New York City. That's kind of a big deal... hmm I wonder if I could write this off as a business trip. Ok we're approaching three perks here.

4. One of the main reasons I visited New York this weekend was to support the cutest, most talented little artist in the whole world, miss Allie Pohl. On Saturday, my bestie and I took one questionable cab ride (I swear we passed the Marcy Projects) to get to Bushwick where Allie was participating in Art Cart NYC, "a mobile exhibition space that motivates people to think imaginatively about exhibiting and experiencing art."

Allie's Art Cart project, titled Defaced, explores how social networking websites allow us to construct our ideal selves. The image above is of an interview being conducted inside the Art Cart... how do you really feel about social media? You can anonymously share everything over here. Come on, I know you secretly hate Facebook... and Google Plus? Don't get me started.

5. After a day of walking and art-viewing, there's nothing better than (multiple) glasses of wine... and dinner at this awesome place.

6. HolyWOW guys, these portraits cut from wire mesh by Seung Mo Park were absolutely incredible. I got to see some of his work in person at the Bushwick Open Studios. If any art could be described as amazeballs, it's this.

7. When you're confronted with the words "Make Your Mark" after walking through the Keith Haring exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, it kinda makes you want to do something BIG...

8. We took a long walk through Central Park on Sunday and all I could think about was every scene from Sex and the City that took place in Central Park... what is wrong with me?

9. If it were socially acceptable - and not extremely unhealthy - I would eat margherita pizzas from Roberta's EVERYDAY. Thanks to Jesse for recommending it!

Oh New York City, you are magical...

All images taken by artsocial.

Here I Go...

I'm off to New York today - eep! Preeety darn excited about it and I cannot wait to share all the fun with you next week. Can't wait till then? I understand, I'm impatient too. You better believe there will be instagramming and tweeting, which you can follow here and here. See you next week, friends!

P.S. Kate's totally got your blog-reading needs covered while I'm gone. Check back tomorrow for Shoes and Views!

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