What Up, Ombre?

Are we still doing this? I'm seeing it everywhere on Pinterest. I'm sure lovin' this arty trend... it's like everything's been painted with dreamy watercolors. I'm actually not the biggest fan of watercolor paintings, but I can sure dig some watercolor-esque curtains. Yes, I said dig.

I can just see myself sittin' on that ombre love seat, wearing my ombre tights, with my ombre tote... no no, too much. Maybe just the tote bag - which by the way is an awesome DIY from the blog Four Flights of Fancy. Check it out here.


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Would You Printstagram?

Heck yeah I would! I'm a big Instagram fan. I mean it's so easy to take a gorgeous photo (if someone's photo doesn't look good on Instagram, that person is just not trying). I love it because everyone has the same exact tools to create something amazing. It's a level playing field. No BFA in photography needed - although surely that helps - no expensive equipment, no film, just you and the app at hand. And then the sharing, oh the sharing. It's so much fun to be able to say, "hey world, look at this awesome photo of my oatmeal!" Ok I don't know why that's so fun exactly... except for the fact that we all want to connect... and what better way to connect than with awesome, vintage-y looking photos?

But would you print your Instagrams? There are so many great ways to make your 'grams tangible: minibooks, stickers, magnets, pillows! Are things coming full circle? After freely snapping digital photos, uploading them to our computers, and sharing them with our friends on Facebook, do we finally want the real thing again? A print to hold in our hands, a poster to put on our walls, a magnet that proudly says "My Oatmeal!" to hang on the fridge... maybe.

Honestly, I can't wait to order some of these gems from Printstagram. I mean, how cute is that tiny book??

Are you on the 'gram? Leave a comment with your Instagram name, artsocial would love to follow you!

All images via Printstagram

Now That's Pinteresting, Man

So by now you've probably either read an article forwarded by a friend, stumbled across a footnote in a blog post or actually combed through Pinterest's fine print terms of use. Or maybe not. But you can't ignore all the murmurings about copyright infringement and outright theft of intellectual property. Or maybe you can. Or maybe like me you are just thinking about that interesting series of sci fi novels by Philip Jose Farmer in which every person who has ever lived is suddenly living along the same river bank. Okay maybe that's what I'm thinking about because I'm tired of the hue and cry lifted over image sharing and the internet. Here's why:

1. Sharing. Not stealing. I have a very hard time believing that most folks share images with much intent beyond showcasing awesome. Wouldn't it be ridiculous if your bff was charged with intellectual property theft for emailing you a picture of  insertnameofsomethingyoulustafter here from brandyoucan'tgetenoughof here ? Uh yeah. *Yes, jerks (the non funny kind) do exist so this is why I say most.

2. Lifestyle blogs have evolved based on images sourced elsewhere on the internet. Pinterest is an aggregate sharing platform. Think of it as a blog with more filler and less killer. Or something like that.

3. Give credit where credit is due. Yes, Pinterest should force attribution to every image pinned. Ideally with a direct link to the image source. In the mean time, take a few more than 5 seconds and credit the heck out of your pins.

4. Sharing. Not stealing. Yes, I hear the but but but I'm losing sales. Call me crazy but if someone loves your work enough to hang it on the wall, they are going to lay down the dollars to do so. The fact that it exists in the digital wasteland is not a deciding factor. Unless your work pivots on a specific conceptual mandate that crumbles when the work is viewed publicly. In that case, lemme know how that's working out. Yep, somebody out there might have your image as a desktop picture. But. They probably weren't going to buy your work anyway. And they probably stole it from a screen shot of your website. Or they just might be saving their pennies until the day they can afford it. Glass half empty, glass half full.

5. Just like unicorns, absolute control is a myth. Of course it's another story if someone steals your work, claims it as their own and profits from it. Could this happen on Pinterest? Sure. Might someone sue you for pinning their image? Absolutely. Are you Donald Trump? Google? No? I'd gamble that the offended party just might ask you to remove your pin. At the end of the day, isn't that what the fine print is really about - corporate indemnity from legal proceedings and criminal implications? Yep, I probably said that wrong. But I'm not a lawyer. And this is just like, my opinion, man.

Soap box returned to closet.

Above: The Belle preppy shoe clip by thebelleandthebeau via Hello!Lucky on Pinterest.

The Heart of the Matter

Yes, I know some of you have lost that loving feeling now that the Valentine's Day candy has moved to the discount bin. So let's just send this one out to all those lonesome teddy bears still clutching little stuffed hearts.

Above: A Map of the Open Country of a Woman's Heart © D.W. Kellogg and Co. via 20x200 / Systems © Dan Beckemeyer / Clockwork Love Gold © Tjep via My Modern Met

Bookworms Raise Your Hands


I love e-readers. I really do. As someone who constantly schleps 20 lbs over the sane carry all max, I pretty much need the zillion books compacted into one tiny device lest my spine divorce me. But. Yes. I love books. Real books. They remind me of lazy vacations - both of the childhood and adult varietal, sprawled in a cabin here or there. Pure love. So I'm digging these book centered art affairs. In fact, 51 Love Stories has a permanent home on my wall. Check em out for yourself!

Above: 51 Love Stories © Paul Octavius;  John Locke's conceptual Department of Urban Betterment in action via The Atlantic Cities; The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.


Instagram Thoughts

Oh Instagram. I'll admit it, I love me some Instagram - just ask my boyfriend during our Seattle trip (srsly, incessant Instagram-ing was taking place... do I really need another sepia-toned picture of chai? YES). It's quickly becoming one of my favorite social media outlets. Why? Because it's visual. I studied art history for 6 years. I guess I kinda like images. But, dear readers, there are a few things that must be cleared up about Instagram.* Let's review some dos and don'ts:

DO these things:

- Take pictures of yummy food (especially breakfast). For some reason breakfast just looks really good on Instagram... that and sushi... oh and desserts.

- Zoom in y'all. Details are the best part.

- Look to the color. Color = automatically interesting.

Now DON'T do these things:

- Take numerous profile pictures. Ok, I'm as narcissistic as the next person, but this is not the platform for repeatedly taking your own picture. People follow you on Instagram. We see these. It's awkward.

- Take daily pictures of your pets. I'm totally guilty of this, but let me explain. When I first joined Instagram, I thought I was the only one who could see my pictures. I realize this means I had no idea what I signed up for. That's ok. I admit I didn't. So for those of you I used to go to high school with who followed me right after I joined - I promise I am NOT a crazy cat lady. I have a cat named Meowmers, he's the jam. But I'll limit my Meowmers pics to once per month.

Just one pic of Meowmies... that took incredible restraint. This may be a short "don't" list, but that doesn't mean it is any less important.

*I realize I am not an authority on good photography - nor do I think Instagram-ing makes one a photographer... only a insta-ographer. These are just my Instagram thoughts.

HUGE thank you to Janna for sending these amaze breakfast pics! Other pics found here.

Sounds like a plan

Above: Perfect Mini PlannerPerpetual Planet PlannerTomorrow Planner all via the genius of Poketo

I don't know about you but I'm still a pen to paper kind of girl. Yes, I have an iPhone. Yep, I've downloaded several make a list, track your life type apps but until they break out the app that transforms your phone into an impeccably designed book that might inspire me to get organized through sheer prettiness... well, I'll be putting pen to paper.

Currently pondering the philosophical difference between resolution and commitment. I tend to think of resolutions like sparklers - bright and brief, beautiful just long enough to linger on the edges of a champagne fueled evening. Commitment makes sparklers out of the ordinary.

Here's to letting your passions light the way in 2012!

3 More Cheers for Our Friend, Cardboard

For some reason I've been coming across a lot of cardboard art... not sure what this means. Is traditional paper for losers? Perhaps. Is cardboard cheaper than other sculpting materials? I'd say def. Or is it just that inside every one of us is a little kid dying to turn that empty refrigerator box into a house:

Move over cardboard house, this art from Etsy takes cardboard to a whole new level of awesome.

Above: Cardboard Smart Shoes by MarkofBrien, Astro Rocket by Cardboard Safari, Corrugated Sofa by zrotholz, Cardboard Typewriter by Stacie013, Cupcake by art on the menu

Art Math

Above: Youtube © Gemma Correll via Print Society *sadly, sold out. Smarties, Red © Christine D'Onofrio via Circuit GalleryOld Camera © Todd McLellan via 20x200; Car Free ©  Tatsuro Kiuchi via 20x200; To Hell With Luck © Matt Taylor via Society 6.

Remember when your house was decorated with oodles of that inexpensive art hand crafted by tiny people at tiny tables? This is not that art. Sure, there was a time when inexpensive art involved macaroni and the machinations of a kindly elementary school teacher. There was also a time before... the Internet. I am not making this up!

The Internet is to art what unicorns are to hipsters - a brilliant symbiotic relationship born of opportunity and a bit of magical thinking. But there are no ivory towers here - just a whole lot of awesome. Yes, we need to find a new word for awesome.