perspective Our ability to see things differently can be so helpful when dealing with others. Imagining what it's like to be in someone else's shoes can prevent arguments, mend hurt feelings, and increase our compassion tenfold.

But I started thinking about how rarely I change my perspective about myself... Throughout my 20s my goal has been to figure out who I am and what I like. I do [these things] because I like [a], [b], and sometimes [c]. Okay, next. I got all that figured out... umm it's not that easy, huh?

In the past few months, I've realized how important it is not to get stuck in the definitions we create for ourselves. I have to change my "me perspective" every now and then. I found myself thinking oh I can't do that because I didn't go to school for it or I can't be "that girl" who wears bright magenta pants. Well why not, self?? Those "I can't" thoughts can be so sneaky! I didn't even realize they were there...

Now that I'm becoming more aware of these negative limiting thoughts, I'm determined to change them. It's a daily battle, but I'm noticing a shift... I've been doing things lately I never thought I'd do - creating blog graphics for an amaazing life coach, opening up a society6 shop, and planning an event! Wow did a shift in perspective really bring on all this awesomeness?

Consciously choosing better, more empowering thoughts really can cause powerful changes... my best piece of evidence being I used to think oh I can't quit my job and blog full time, no way. Well how you like me now :) cue this song.

Do you ever catch yourself having "I can't" thoughts that are just cray? How do you get past them?

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