Contemporary Surrealism

Who has an art crush on Salvador Dalí? Raise your hand. Even if you don't like his work, you probs like his mustache at least, right? Surrealism was all about liberating the individual unconscious, saying adios to reason and discovering a larger reality. I bet the Surrealists were such party animals... You may be saying, oh Surrealism was soo 80-some-odd years ago. Welp I believe we have a Surrealist in our midst. Meet Zlatka Paneva of Rococco-LA. Her work is described as "...a cocktail of reality, sources and imagination, infused with elegance and a sense of humor." Awesomely Surrealist, don't cha think?

From the top: The Happy Elephant | WOW | In the Garden | Make a Wish | Girl with Grasshopper | Vintage Revolver | Girl with Octopus

This is Not a Blog Post refers to René Magritte's famous work This is Not a Pipe or The Treachery of Images.