Crafting for the Crafting Inept

Confession time. I may claim to be a "craft gangster" but, guys, I craft like a child. If there are more than 5 steps, I know I'll never finish. If I have to spend more than 15 minutes in Michaels gathering supplies, I get anxiety. If any power and/or pneumatic tools are involved, please, I won't even attempt it. Now, crafts that take minimal time, supplies, and allow me to drink one of these whilst making it? Sign me up.

I've come across some very "pinteresting" (ha!) crafts lately that I could totally handle and may even attempt one day...


The Dipped Wooden Utensil via House of Earnest

Painting a wooden spoon I can handle... but it better not take me too long to find "food safe shellac" in the craft store.


The Chain Bow Necklace via Harper's Bazaar

They almost lost me at "lobster clasp" and "beading pliers" but it's so cute, I must overcome.


The Rotating Goal List via Cornflower Blue Studio

Post-its and sharpies? Done and done.


Why do I call myself a craft gangster, you ask? Because I'm still forging ahead, despite my child-like crafting ability, and making crafts the way I want to make them... and listening to Flo Rida while I do it. That's pretty gangster, right...