creating is good for you I've had so much fun creating more this month for my Be Creative project. At the beginning of the month, I remember thinking how the heck am I going to make time to create more? I knew I'd feel this way, so I devised a strategy early on: ONLY create projects and diys I'm really excited about.

By only taking on additional projects I truly loved, I knew I'd find the time... and I did. However, this strategy meant spending more time in the planning phase... much more, which is tough for me. I always want to hurry up and create already. It takes time to think of awesome projects! And I had to LOVE it otherwise I wouldn't follow through. Spending extra time planning paid off though. I had fun creating and I was happy with the final results.

My month of creating more has taught me (once again) about the importance of choosing the right projects. By only doing those things I really want to do, not only do I feel more productive and prolific, but I also feel freer. I had plenty of time and had plenty of fun... and I've created a whole lotta stuff this month!

So. Only invest your time and attention in projects you love and the creativity will flow. Of course, it comes down to following your bliss. Of course!

I have one more diy on the way to round out my mini diy series, so stay tuned. Although I've had so much fun, I'm wondering if I should incorporate more mini diys into the ol' blog... and maybe even keep my little shop open for a while. What do you think? Should I keep this creating train rollin?

Aannd here's what's coming up for the Be Creative project. Still not quite sure how I'm going to tackle April... I'm the lightest of lightweights.

be creative project

Images by artsocial.