Define Yourself

What's your blog personality? Not the kind of thing I think about everyday. After taking the Alt Summit class, Turn Your Blog into a Brand (And Then a Business), with the phenom Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34, it's all I've been thinking about!

Here are a couple of my favorite points... and also the points I stay up way too late thinking about.

Clearly Identify Your Purpose

What are you trying to do with your blog? Seems like an easy question, right? Gah, yes and no. Just like choosing a Master's thesis topic, one must narrow (ok, no more grad school nerd analogies). Even if you're not sure you want your blog to be a brand or a business, it's so important to have a focus, a direction, a mission that keeps you in check. Is this post about turquoise M&Ms in line with my brand purpose? Umm no. You know, just as an example. I wasn't really going to write about turquoise M&Ms... anymore.

Define Your Blog/Brand Personality

Erin put it this way - if you saw your blog walking down the street, how would you want it to be described? Choose 3-5 adjectives that really define what you want your blog to represent and then stick to it, map everything back to those adjectives. And that includes your tweets, your instagrams, even your pins on Pinterest.


Be Picky

Not everything is cute and not everything fits in with your purpose and personality as a blogger. Gotta stay true to you, doesn't matter how badly your aunt wants you to advertise her new shell art on your sidebar - again, totally a for instance...

Ok, time to go contemplate my blog personality.

image cred: Louis Vuitton via Miss Moss | CC Kuo via Miss Moss