denver-guide I am so proud of my little hometown. It's grown so much over the years. SO many amazing shops and restaurants have popped up everywhere. Like GOOD shops and restaurants, places I recommend to everyone.

A few of those spots can be found on South Broadway, an area that's equal parts cute, hipster, and grungy. Hey, grunge is part of any city right? It's nothing dangerous... just gives the 'hood some personality.

I've been a South Broadway regular since I bought my very first graphic tee and Ramones purse at the age of 15. The Ramones purse is long gone (bummer, I know), but Broadway is still one of my favorite places to find unique goodies.

I teamed up with the incredibly awesome and talented Annabelle Mintz of Evergreen Lane Productions to create this video of a few Broadway faves. Talk about a fun day. We might need to do another. What do ya say, Annabelle? The Highlands next?

Here are a few spots you'll see in the vid plus some other South Broadway gems!

+ Sugar Bakeshop: I took a high altitude baking class here and fell in luurrve. They had me at homemade poptarts. Plus with typewriters and local artwork decorating the joint? I mean, come on. I love them.

+ Fancy Tiger Crafts: an all time fave. Remember those adorable mini embroidery projects from the summer Eat Drink Create? Yep, the supplies were from Fancy Tiger.

+ Fancy Tiger Clothing: awesome + unique finds (yes, I did buy the Arts & Cats button from the video... I wear them proudly).

+ Punch Bowl Social: bowling, arcade games, de-licious foods... nuff said.

+ Starlet: so much cuteness in this store! They have 2 locations here in Denver AND an online shop! Hands down my favorite clothing store, I can always find something cute & unique.

+ Sweet Action Ice Cream: heavenly + hand made + local. I eat it in the summer. I eat it in the dead of winter when it's -5 degrees. It's that good.

+ The Mayan Theater: the coolest old school independent theater (decorated in art deco Mayan revival style (obvs) and the top is shaped like a Mayan temple!).

Are you in Denver? What are some of your favorite places?

Images by artsocial; video by Evergreen Lane Productions.