DuneBug Designs

Sure, I had pets growing up but I was never an animal fanatic. No hours drawing ponies or bows tied to kittens. I never gave much serious thought to pets until we recently adopted a black lab shark disguised as a puppy. I still think it's gross when people let their dogs lick public water fountains but I am officially a dog person. I even get up early 3 times a week to take the pup for a run. And the real reason you can't find me on Instagram? I have six thousand photos of Jupiter on my phone.

Leave it to the lovely Lauren Suveges of DuneBug Designs to channel this puppy love into a work of art. Lauren creates custom block prints based on photographs of your pet - her muse is the adorable and amusing cat Dune but if you dream it, she'll print it. She's just that kind of talented gal.

Above: Images via DuneBug Designs