Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday, and what does he want to do this week to celebrate? Go camping. Ugh such a boy answer. I'm clearly not the outdoorsy type, I'm just not built for it - I'm pale and small, that's a blogger physique not a hiker/wilderness survivor physique.

But ya know, this guy's a game changer. It seems anything is fun with this one... and that includes camping for 3 days. I'm even looking forward to it! Crazy.

Needless to say, this means I have to say adios to twitter/facebook/my beloved instagram for a few days. But I've gotcha covered on the blog front, including another one of Laid Off Mom's DIY Dates on Thursday! Hope you enjoy, friendies. I'll be eating smores and drinking wine. Great combo, eh? In moderation, always in moderation.

How do you guys feel about camping??

Image one by me | image two found here