From My Inbox

Another installment of From My Inbox... Today we highlight art with some serious coolage. For reals everyone, the cool factor is high. One question: If a tree falls in the fridge and no one is around to hear it... can I still eat this cake? Helen Altman, Half-Life from Moody Gallery exhibition, 2011

Embrasse-moi, stupide: David Austen, Kiss Me Stupid, 2006


Incredible use of post-its, junk mail, and phone books! Hat tip to you, Joanna White:

Joanna White, clockwise from top: Peculiar Cases in Tidy Places VI, 2008; Choking, 2005; Is This the Ambush?, 2011; Detail of Worm, 2004

Top image: Ed Ruscha, Nice Hot Vegetables, 1976, from Richard Gray Gallery exhibition "Nice, Hot Vegetables: Ed Ruscha Works on Paper"