Go For It

Being extreme sure gets people's attention. Creating art that's too tiny, too big, too much, too weird - that's exactly what us 21st century art viewers like tah see, right? Well maybe. One thing's for sure, these artists are going all in, striving for something new, different, even crazy... and that deserves some recognition. Tara Donovan is so good at being extreme... these works are made from thousands of sewing pins. Whoa-za. My fingers hurt just looking at it.

And ya know, I think she's onto something. She's saying YES to something big, something unique, and something probably really time consuming... but oh so worth it.

Really going for it is soo the way to go. Not necessarily even in art, in life too. Wear those rad over-sized sunglasses, rock those striped oxfords, put on that bright lipstick... little more, little more. Oop too much, take some off. Go be extremely awesome, friends.

image cred: Tara Donovan works found here; lady with some serious style found here; pattern found here