It's day 25 of holidazzle! Sad face because it's ending... but happy face because it's almost Christmas and then New Year's and then ALT SUMMIT. Since it's the last day of holidazzle, I thought I'd switch things up a bit. Just like on the last day of school when you don't actually do any learning, you just sit around and day dream about the summer ahead. Well, similarly - all the online holiday shopping should already be done, so I'm gonna sit back, relax, and day dream about cute iphone cases... that's the same, right?

Too much cuteness! Which one would you get?

fab phone cases

From the top: Sparkle Stripe | What to focus on | Black Cat | Tribal | case

Thank you to everyone who participated in holidazzle!! Psst - you can get 20% off that case through the month of December with the code feelpretty!!