After a crazy work week, where do I turn? The Happiness Project. I need a good dose of Gretchen wisdom this week. In the chapter I read, she talked about keeping a gratitude journal.

I've been keeping a gratitude journal on and off for the past couple years. It's so much fun to go back and see what I was enjoying - a fro-yo break, laughs with Jesse and Anna (hollaaaa to my amazing friends & coworkers), a empty seat on the light rail. Keeping this journal has helped me focus on the good things - even the littlest of gems - throughout my day. Without this exercise, I may not have even realized what a gift that empty seat on the light rail really was... no, I would've. That's a real treat during rush hour.

Anyhoo, these past two weeks have been super stressful at my day job, and those are the times the gratitude journal really helps. It keeps me focused on the big picture stuff, ya know? In honor of Gretchen and November - with Thanksgiving, it's basically gratitude month, right?? - I thought I'd share my gratitude journal entry from yesterday - no edits! Eep.

1. My boss's positive reaction to my notice to leave. Yep. I did it, friends! I'm free in one week! I thought the "I'm quitting" convo might actually kill me, but it didn't! It was completely fine. I am flooded with joy and relief to be leaving a bad work environment. I learned a HUGE lesson in standing up for what's right for me, no more "hanging in there" or "sticking it out." If something's not working, make a change. The universe is on your side, bro.

2. My dad's text congratulating me on quitting, and his funny Happy Halloween ghost emoticon. Only the best dads in the world fully encourage and support their daughter quitting, eh? I know he'll always be in my corner, that's a good feeling... and he always puts super creative emoticons in his texts - the ghost emoticon looked like this :- <>

3. Cucumber sushi from Whole Foods. No explanation needed. I could eat it errday.

4. goodies in the mail! I finally got my brand ambassador goods - woot! Cannot wait to put together a super rad post worthy of and you awesome readers. Psst - I got one of these bad boys.

5. Kevin buying milk, pears, and Halloween candy. There is NOTHING better than coming home from work and someone else has already done your grocery shopping. I am eternally grateful for every trip to the grocery store he makes... I hate the grocery store. I know, it's weird.

What are you grateful for today?? I'd love to hear!

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