Happy Muesday

Since Monday was an extension of the glorious weekend, I'm officially calling today Muesday. I thought a long weekend would mean I'd have a whole lot to jam into my weekend roundup, but ya know, I actually took a lot of time to relax this weekend. Sometimes a girl needs to sleep until 10 and then take an afternoon nap... am I right?

1. Two words: Disco Brunch. The Corner Office in Downtown Denver is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots ever. Not only do they have an awesome brunch dubbed the Disco Brunch, but they have a disco ball in the bathroom and a wall full of funny post-its. And yes, I took this picture in the bathroom. Oh yeah, and the food's pretty great.

2. How many ban.do pom pom flowers are too many ban.do pom pom flowers? Answer: you can never have too many. I already have colorful pom poms, so I needed a neutral one right? I basically HAD TO buy it.

3. Omigosh guys. This article called The "Hell Yes!" Approach to Better, Bolder Decision Making is a life-changer. I hate to admit it but I'm one of those people pleasers who has a really hard time saying no... and I kind of hate it. I hate it because by saying yes to things I know I don't want to do, I'm basically saying no to myself. After reading this article, I want to make a change. While the article is geared towards business decisions, I think the "Hell Yes!" Approach is really how we should be making all of the decisions in our lives. SO, I'm gonna start saying "hell yes!" to myself and my intuitive responses. I'll let you know how it goes...

4. What's a long weekend without a little shopping? The boyfriend was sweet enough to brave H&M with me. While he looked miserable - and a little peaked at times - he made it through and I made it out with 2 shirts I'll probs live in this summer and some cuuuuute hair ties - which by the way are very similar to these, for half the price.

5. This beach umbrella photograph by Alice B. Gardens just says summer... added to cart.

6. These DIY envelopes made from the pages of a J. Crew catalog are preeetttty awesome. Kind of so cute I can't stand it.

7. I know I live in Colorado so I should be obsessed with all things outdoorsy, but honestly one of my favorite things to do is go to the movies. 75 degrees and sunny? Yeah but the new Men in Black just came out... and if the movie theater has a photo booth? Done deal. I'm there.

8. I'm in love with this super rad illustration... but it's apparently from a Soviet-era children's book called Klop (The Bedbug) by Mayakovsky. As someone who is thoroughly creeped out by bedbugs, I think the !!!!! is an appropriate illustration.

9. Oh Joy recently declared pie is the new cupcake. When Joy predicts a new dessert trend, you listen. But eating an entire slice of pie is a big commitment... so these super adorbs peekaboo pie pops by Cakewalk Desserts are the perfect solution.

Hope you all had an incredible long weekend!


(all photos without a link were taken by artsocial... some of which can be found on the 'gram)