be creative project My year long quest to be more creative continues. This month I shared my office space with this rad blue backdrop from The High Five Factory. Why? Other than the fact that it made my office 10 times more fun? Well, according to this article, a 2009 study found that people solved twice as many “insight puzzles” when surrounded by the color blue. Apparently blue leads to more relaxed and associative thinking. THIS is surely my path to more creativity, I thought. I spent April testing this theory.

After spending the first part of the month intensely focused on creating awesome ideas with my blue backdrop by my side, I realized such intense focus wasn't quite working. I was too focused. I was worrying about the final results for all my projects and getting suuuper stressed in the process. That takes all the fun out of the creative process.

Intentionally attempting to spark creativity is tricky business, guys. In my experience, great ideas can't be forced. The more you try to force creativity, the less likely it is to happen. The best thing you can do is surround yourself with the things that inspire you and then chillax, bro. That way we're calm and receptive to ideas. Stress, anxiety, and working at a frantic pace will NEVER result in new + great ideas. Okay, lesson learned... for the 50th time.

I started to let go towards the end of the month and simply have fun creating without worrying about the final product. Good ideas and creativity definitely started flowing more easily. A sense of lighthearted detachment goes a long way when you're being creative.

What's coming up in May for my Be Creative project will be the perfect follow-up to this month. I'll be exploring the "act like a child" method, which involves more play and FUN. Channeling my inner child will surely help me be more lighthearted. Get ready. All my childhood faves are coming back - bubbles, kites, sidewalk chalk - I'm doing it all in the name of creativity, folks.

HUGE thank you to The High Five Factory for lending me their amazing backdrop!! Fun was had, photos were taken. I highly recommend one for your next event, party, or, ya know, for that empty wall in your office.

Images by artsocial.