Colorful and easy to wear. Prerequisites for my jewelry, really. I'm not a very good girlie girl, I can't accessorize to save my life. So when I find jewelry that's so beautiful it can stand alone as my only accessory and make me look grooood in the process? INSTANT LOVE. Reintroduced sure knows what's up.

Are you also picturing that necklace with half your wardrobe? It would look so cute with the sweater I'm wearing right now... what's that? The holidays are for buying for others? Oh yeah... but I can't resist. These necklaces are like tiny wearable art!

I think the gift-giving formula is something like: unique handmade jewelry = 1000 times more awesome than any other gift. Pretty compelling evidence, huh?


From the top: pastel mint | hot pink | flamboyant | lovable vanilla | dusty pistachio

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