When you're faced with long stretches of  n o t h i n g. Just time. What do you do?

What we do in our spare time is an indication of what our passions really are. In The Happiness Project, Gretchen touched briefly on her career path and her decision to leave her job in law to become a writer. When figuring out her next direction, she asked herself what she did in her spare time... all signs pointed to writaaa.

Spending this week in New Mexico has given me the opportunity to analyze my free time habits. The results? I love me some technology; I like "e-downtime" if you will (the "e" can stand for Erin and/or electronic - high five!). Before I left, I thought this vacation should be a time for me to “unplug,” get away from my computer, turn my phone off, and really reeeelaaax. Cuz that’s what everyone seems to be sayin' these days.  To really be on vacation and unwind – remove technology… and add cocktails.

Well this week, I learned that – much like Gretchen – what’s right for some people isn’t necessarily right for me. This is the biggest thing I’m taking away from her book so far – you decide for yourself what happiness is, what lifts you up, what pulls you down. YOU decide. Listen to yourself to find your happiness.

For some people a vacation very much involves turning off their computers and leaving their phones at home – but for my vacay? I want all that connected goodness. I want to share my travels, finds, and multiple chai lattes with the little online community I’m so lucky to be a part of. I want to take pictures of my journey (from breakfast to 700 year old petroglyphs). I want to take video of my walk through the plaza in Santa Fe and into the sketchy Five and Dime store. Plus turning these mundane vacation moments into an awesome little video is what imovie is for, right??

I love these creative outlets. I don’t see my phone and computer as distractions from my vacation or as hindrances on my plan to unwind, I see them as tools that enable me to create something special. Makers gonna make. This is my way…. whether it’s through a ‘gram, a video, or a blog post (which by the way I’m writing in the car while we drive to our next destination… ha!).

No more denying myself these moments of creation just because I think "unplugging" is how I should decompress. No more technology guilt. I’m that girl taking video of my breakfast... what?

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