that shit cray The other day I asked the Be Happy facebook group about impossibility journals. Have you guys ever heard of them? It's based off of the line in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland about believing at least six impossible things before breakfast. That's basically the gist, you write down six "impossible" things you'd like to achieve.

I love this idea so much. I must admit, with most of my goal lists I'm striving to achieve something but it's usually something I'm pretty sure I can accomplish. So I can work towards it and eventually put a deliciously satisfying check mark next to it. Maybe this is a subconscious thing, so I don't set myself up to fail. Well that's very safe... and BORING.

What's the point of creating life lists and vision boards if you're not really dreaming, really pushing yourself, really going for it. Who cares if it doesn't happen. Would you like to do it, have it, be it? Well then it's a legit and valuable goal. Whatever "it" may be. Even if it seems cray.

I love the idea behind impossibility journals because it trains your mind to think bigger and let go of limitations. I'm starting one, fo sho. This is really going to stretch my self-reflective and creative muscles... plus I'll call out all of my limited/limiting thoughts in the process.

Want to join me?

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