alt-summit WOWza, guys. The last few days have been pretty wild. The amazing people, information, parties, swag - oh my gah, it's all still spinning around in my head. While I'd love to sit here and gush for hours about alt, I'm exhausted. Alt is exhausting and overwhelming... but in the best way possible.

I'm planning a big share-all post about my alt experience for Thursday. But before I go on and on about it - what do YOU want to know?? Ask me anything, everything! I want my alt recap to be helpful for you guys. Leave your question in the comments and I'll answer ALL of them. Take advantage, yo. You know I'll give you the dirt...

Don't know what to ask because you don't know what the heck I did for 3 days? Okay, fair. Here's a list of the sessions I took that I would luurve to discuss with you:

01. collaboration with sponsors 02. how to earn money from your blog 03. blog to shop 04. being a contributor 05. makers gotta make roundtable discussion 06. building offline events 07. advanced blogging skills 08. photo styling design camp 09. life lists design camp 10. media kits design camp

Srsly, ask me anything... it doesn't have to relate to the above list. I can't wait to talk more about alt and answer your Qs!!

Okay, off to gather my thoughts and sort out a giant stack of biz cards... and maybe take a nap.


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