Guys. Alt Summit SLC is officially next month... eep! It'll be my first time going to this incredibly rad conference. Right now I'm equal parts excited / nervous / in complete disbelief I'm actually going. Of course, one of my concerns is what to wear... thank gawd there's a free Alt class next week that covers this very topic (thank you times a million, Bing!). Silly? Maybe. Necessary? Hells to the yes. Until then, here's the Alt wardrobe wishlist I've been building in my head... and on pinterest.

Cute flats, sweaters, fancy pants... what do ya think? Who else is going to Alt? I'd love to hear from you! What are you guys wearing??


1. Tipsy Kate Spade flats | 2. J.Crew bobbled sweater | 3. mini hearts | 4. Madewell tote | 5. boyfriend blazer | 6. ASOS collar necklace | 7. ASOS skinny crop pant

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