Dudes. Awesome art is everywhere. It's not just about traditional drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Those 19th century European academies can't tell us what's art anymore! Whoa sorry, art history grad student moment.

1. Ceramic paper airplane. Gah I love contemporary art and design... and it's from Target! Hey, I'm no art snob. I'm all about accessibility... and if it's clever and well-designed, I'm sold.

2. Oh how I love big tapestries as an alternative to paintings on the wall. I have a big wall to fill in my bedroom, so this atlas tapestry is callin' my name...

3. This colorful geometric mobile is the perfect little arty accent for any room... srsly, any room. I'd even put it in the bathroom.

4. So you may be thinking, wiener dog dish is so not art. Well I disagree. With form and function coming together in one little sculpture, it reminds me of an Eva Zeisel... but, ya know, a hipster version since it's from Urban Outfitters and it's a wiener dog.

5. This Painted Flower Blazer from Topshop is straight from the Dutch golden age of painting... I bet Rachel Ruysch totally would've rocked it.

6. This hand painted silk top from xsilk is so gorgeous... I think I've pinned from xsilk no less than a bajillion times. This shirt is truly a work of art. I can't decide if I should wear it or simply hang it on the wall to enjoy.

7. How excited was I when I found out I could buy awesome goods with Rex Ray's designs on them? Um VERY. He's kind of a big deal. My fridge is gonna be the coolest fridge in town with this Rex Ray magnet.


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