bazooka pink #artsocial I'm a big fan of neutrals. My closet has a lot of gray and white. Totally fine during the winter, but come spring and summer? My closet starts to look a little sad. It needs some color. Some pop. Some pizazz.

I'm really drawn to pink this season. From strawberry to sizzling HOT pink. I mean, those shoes are redonk and I'd wear them in a heartbeat.

P.S. the color of that Kate Spade watch is called "bazooka pink" and I completely fell in love with it. Hmm did I fall in love with the watch or the name? Doesn't matter. I need it on ma wrist!

What's your favorite color to wear in the summertime?


01 dress 02 watch 03 earrings 04 tote 05 sunglasses 06 pencils 07 oxfords