I'm pretty excited for this round of the IN LOVE series, friends. I basically want all of Christie's picks...

Hi artsocialites! To be honest I had to do a little research for this week’s IN LOVE series to find out what was trending during this fall. I was thrilled to hear that sweaters are BACK, specifically graphic sweaters. Hi my name is Christie and I am addicted to sweaters. Warmth, comfort, no fuss... sweaters are already my fall staple and now they are “in”, Christmas came early for me kids. Okay, now that we got that little spiel outta the way let’s check out what I’m fallin’ for. [Sorry for that bad joke...]

Bold, flashy, not your granny’s duds. 1. Friends, this sweater is not for anyone that wants to blend in with the crowd. Show-stoppin’ neon, and a bold graphic make this sweater uber chic. 2. I’m obsessed with geometric triangles and this sweater feeds into that. I love the slightly longer length and can see it paired with some comfy leggings and sitting by a fireplace.

Playful, whimsy, and something you could have worn as a kid. 3. Yeah, that’s totally a polar bear sweater. Sure you could have worn this in elementary school but why leave it in your past? Wear this sweater like a balla and it’ll put a smile on your face. 4. When I look back at pictures from my youth I was always wearing the most ridiculous prints and patterns. This 80s/90s geo print pullover is nostalgic and yet totally cool.

Calling all type-lovers, designers, or people who wanna walk around like a billboard. 5. Since I surround myself with typography it makes sense to pull that into my wardrobe. I love how simplistic this sweater is. 6. I’m a lover of red. It’s as easy as that!

Sweaters for a date, or gallery opening. Fancy-that! 7. Sequins, sparkles and black. This is a statement sweata. 8. Since I’m loving the Peter Pan collar trend but not sure if I can pull it off this sweater is the perfect option. It comes with a detachable collar for the brave.

Are you a sweater lover or are you jumpin’ on another fashion trend this fall?

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